Types of Membership

In addition to regular membership there are various other types of membership:

In addition to regular membership there are various other types of membership:

Corporate membership: This enables an organisation in the club’s area to become a corporate member of the Rotary club, appointing up to four individuals to attend club meetings, serve on projects, and participate in other ways'.

Associate membership : This enables prospective Rotarians to become acquainted with their local club, its members, its programmes and projects, and the expectations of club membership.

Innovative and flexible Rotary clubs: This enables clubs to be flexible about their operations to better fit the needs of their members and community. Flexibility can include timing, location and frequency of meetings.

Satellite Clubs – these are an extension of the sponsor club which meet at different times and in different places. 

E-Clubs – meetings are online and provide a valuable alternative to the standard Rotary club. Members of an E-club could be drawn from anywhere in the world and meet solely on line although there may be occasional face to face meetings between members.

Hybrid E-Club – The Hybrid E-Club has a lot of potential as it will cater for the busy person who does not have time to spend at weekly meetings but wishes to help others. Typically, the hybrid club has a membership which is drawn from within a fairly limited geographical area close enough for members to meet say, once a month face to face and online in between times. This type of club would be ideal for the busy person who cannot spare the time to physically attend regular Rotary meetings and it would also cut down on the cost of being a Rotarian.

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