How we provide support in our communities

Local Rotary clubs are a team of volunteers who identify and respond to needs in their local communities and throughout the UK.

Rotarian have a wide range of skills which they apply to the needs of their local community and beyond. 

Within our District, which covers Somerset and parts of Wiltshire and Dorset, Rotarians are actively involved in projects ranging from running a memory cafe, to carryig out mock interviews at their local schools, running Youth competitions to organinsing major fund raising events.

Check out our blog to see what our clubs are doing in our communities.   

Here are some examples of projects run by clubs in our district:

Bath Festival of Motoring

Frome Rotary Shop

Sherborne International Film Festival

Sherborne Castle Classic &  Supercars


How we provide support in our communities pages:

Disaster Support

more Rotarians provide actual help and support when it is needed in our local area and beyond.