District Youth Camp

Saturday 8th July - Saturday 22nd July 2017

Paddle boarding at Youth Camp

Last year this District successfully hosted 18 young students aged 15-17 from 11 countries across Europe. The success of the camp is thanks to monetary support from the District, which is in addition to the camp fees paid by the students, and also the physical support of many Rotarians. Over a hundred members and their families enjoyed participation in this event.

Next year’s programme is as follows:

8-15 July guests arrive and stay with a family for the week. They will participate in events with families and have a couple of get-togethers during the week with the group.

15-22 July the group stays at the youth hostel in Cheshunt for the week, spending 3 days doing activities at The Young Mariners Base—which is adjacent. These include water activities, rock climbing and pot-holing.

They also have day trips to Cambridge and London. This all culminates in a farewell party at the hostel to which all are invited.


  • Host a student—we try and pair them up as this makes it easier for the host—so ideally 9 homes needed.
  • Assist hosts with picking up from airport or Eurostar, taking them back on 22/7. Also transporting to Cheshunt on 15/7.
  • Club support to host a day activity during the week 8th -15th. Trip or activity—clubs may wish to unite. The finance down to clubs.
  • Assist with supporting organisers at the Hostel and during the day-time activities and trips—overnight stays also needed. We always have an adult support of 3 with the group (mixed)

Mathilde, from France, wrote this after the 2015 Camp (see her full report on the District website)

“I feel privileged to being part of something incredible being amongst 18 teenagers from different countries. This has made me feel even more corresponding about what is going on in the world.”

The Camp has a history of good support and equalled fun and fellowship for both hosts and participants alike. We hope you will support us in 2017

Organising committee Ken Scott, Alan Doggett, Roger Phillips
Date Added:- 09/02/2017