Distrct Governor's Newsletter - July 2017

July is New Leadership Month

District Governor's Message

July has arrived and the role of DG is upon me.

Firstly thank you for such a wonderful evening at the Handover, I and my family thoroughly enjoyed it. For those who attended I hope you did too, and next year it is incorporated in to the District Conference. But that is a whole year away and there will be many events and visits between now and then.

A great big thank you must be given to IPDG Chalmers and Barbara. They had a splendid year, and worked tirelessly for us all. It was particularly good to hear Barbara’s perspective on their year at the handover. I would say ‘put your feet up and have a rest Chalmers’, but I know he is already involved in greater things as part of the Rotary GB&I Public Image team, and is representing our District, so we will have first-hand knowledge of all that is happening. No pressure there Chalmers!

With visits to Wendover & District, the 3 St Albans clubs at their Cycle Presentation, Chesham where I inducted their newest member during my first week, and visits this week to Bedford Castle, Luton Someries concert, the District Youth Camp and some meetings, I am being kept busy.

The best thing about visits is seeing and hearing about all the work that Rotary is doing in the community. We really are a committed community asset. I am more than happy to help out at any events you have on as a club, diary permitting, so do ask. Our Rotarian’s are certainly reflecting that they are People of Action and that we are Rotary Making the Difference.

Ian Riseley the RI President has three main aims for the year.
Membership – new and retention of members, with an emphasis on new satellite clubs. We have a great membership team with Denise Creisson, Andy Calvert and a host of other members from across the district. If you are passionate about membership then please do contact them and become part of the team. They are there to help you.
Increase in our Humanitarian endeavour:
End Polio Now is a priority, and must remain so until we finally eradicate polio.
Foundation, and the increase in Global projects and giving to our Foundation.
The increase in our work within the communities that we live in, and within our country.
Finally - Public Image: We have to get the word of what Rotary is, who Rotarians are and what we do out in to the public domain. We are very lucky to have IPDG Chalmers Cursley as our Rotary GB&I PI representative.

We can’t forget the trees! In case you haven’t heard Ian Riseley has asked every Rotarian in the world to plant a tree between now and April 2018. There will be a paper at the District Council with some ideas. It doesn’t have to cost much other than some hole digging, or take advantage of tree planting in other countries where there is great need which can cost a few pounds per tree. Lots of choice, and something we as a District can easily do.

Enjoy the summer and enjoy your year with Rotary.

Cheryl Law
District Governor 2017-18

For further details about what's been going on around the District check out the Club News page.

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