Luton Someries Upcycling

Collect empty items for Charity - Can you Help?

We're all now used to Recycling things, but not everying can be Recycled due to the difficutly or the cost involved.  Now you can help by donating your items which can be Upcycled instead.  Steve Pattenden of Luton Someries explains how this works.


  • We collect items that cannot be re-cycled by the local authority
  • We pack the items into boxes containing the same sort of waste.
  • We call UPS who collect our boxes.
  • We get paid for the weight sent in.
  • Total so far – approx. £2000


Underarm Deorderant
  • Any brand of underarm aerosol deodorant.
  • No roll-ons
  • No orther types of aerosol.

Pens and Felt Tip Pens

  • Any brand of pen or felt tip.
  • Can be old ink pens with nips, rollerball pens, ‘biros’, felt tip pens

Garnier Bottles and Tubs

  • Only Garnier product containers
  • No other brand

Sweet Biscuit Wrappers

  • Any brand of sweet biscuit wrapper
  • Can be a supermarket brand or any other brand

Tassimo and L'or Nespresso

  • All used tassimo T disks
  • Only L’Or Nespresso pods

Trigger Grips

  • Any brand of cleaning product trigger grip.
  • Not the bottle.

Holiday Change or Old Coins/Notes

  • Any old coins and notes Foreign currency
  • or UK currency


Collect the waste, sort it, box it or put it in bags.

Either deliver to:-

Luton Someries Rotary Club c/o
Double S Travel
118 Talbot Road, Luton

or call Double S Travel and ask for a UPS Label

Call 01582 752 752 for more details

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