District Governors Newsletter - October 2017

October is Economic & Community Development month

2-8 October — Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week

24 October — Rotary's World Polio Day Livestream Event

What are you doing for World Polio Day? Take the opportunity to start or further the District Governor Challenge.

30 October-5 November — World Interact Week - we have some fantastic Interact clubs in our district, October is a good time to start looking at starting one.

October is proving an incredibly busy month. The first week has seen me visiting a club every day during the week with some events at weekends. The second week in October will see me in Riga, Latvia, along with DGE Dave Ford and Wendy. I will be attending Membership seminars as well as the Rotary Institute. 

As I go round the different clubs I see an enormous variety in how clubs are run, the projects they are carrying out, and the fund raising they are doing, but the consistency I do see is the compassion Rotarians have and the efforts they make to 'Make a Difference' for those in need. A great example of this is the Wheelchair Challenge that took place on the 8th October at the Bedford International Stadium. Many teams took part in relay racing wheelchairs. 4 members in each team. My team consisted of the DG, DGE, DGN and Wendy. We would have won of course if it weren't for the two elite teams we were pitched against. The team that won our race was amazing. Dad, and three little sons, one with cerebral palsy who rode his amazing 3 wheeler.  The most amazing thing? Grandma had seen advertising for the event, came along and asked if her son and grandsons could come. They were welcomed with open arms. A family who had had no contact with Rotary before and were struggling to find things they could all join in, had a wonderful day, and went away with certificates, a trophy and laughter and fun. That's what Rotary is about.

Clubs visited in the last few weeks Brookmans Park, Baldock, Buckingham, Amwell, Biggleswade, Newport Parnell, Tokko Interact, Chesham's 70th Anniversary, Luton Rotary, the District Bowls Tournament (won by Amersham on a gloriously sunny day), Leighton Buzzard, Wolverton & Stoney Stratford, Harpenden, and Dunstable Downs. 

We are now in our fourth month, time certainly flies. Clubs are gearing up to Firework nights and then the inevitable organisational climb to Christmas. 

The District Conference site is now open where you will see our speaker details gradually released over the next few months. This is our 'In District Conference' and is easily accessible for all. Please sign up as soon as possible. You can choose both days, or just the Saturday or Sunday. On top of that you can book our Saturday night dinner and live band, and/or Sunday lunch. The best value of course is to book the whole weekend. Denis Spiller the Rotary GB&I President will be with us, as will Amanda Watkin, and Clive Myrie, BBC Newscaster and war correspondent. If you wish to book a hotel there are a variety around the site within walking distance, please contact John Belcher for a list. 

Remember to have fun and build friendships.


District Conference

DeHavilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire

16th-17th June 2018

Talan Skeels-Piggins

Talan Skeels-Piggins is an inspirational speaker who brings his own unique perspective to your organisation.

In March 2003, Talan Skeels-Piggins suffered the motorcycle accident that was to define his life.  Left paralysed from the mid chest down, and told he would spend up to two years in hospital upon admission, Talan defied expectations to be discharged only six and a half months later.

Undaunted by his injuries, he set about a series of challenges to prove to himself and the world that being in a wheelchair would not stop him from what he wanted to do.  In less than a year, he had returned to his passion for ski-ing in a specially adapted sit-ski.  But even that was not enough of a challenge and he set himself a goal of representing Great Britain at the 2010 Winter Paralympics.

You will hear about his personal journey to this goal and the other exciting challenges he set himself.

Booking Forms can be downloaded from the District Conference web-site http://www.rotary1260conference.org.uk/index.html

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