Trees and more Trees

Rotary International’s President, Ian Riseley, has challenged every Rotary Club to make a difference by planting a tree for each of its members.


by Earth Day - 20th April 2018

Why Plant Trees?

  • Trees can be  engines of economic development
    • Nutrition for people, animals & wild life
    • Building materials & fuel
    • Canopies to cool, reduce energy use, absorb pollution & increase land values
  • Trees can protect the environment
    • Increase ground water, prevent runoff, improve soil fertility & reduce soil loss
    • Create habitat for wildlife
    • Produce oxygen, use carbon dioxide, improve health
    • Slow global warming by storing carbon
  • Trees can provide spiritual renewal

Tree Planting - Practices & Principles

  • Consult local professionals
  • Carefully plan the project
  • Evaluate the site: sunlight, water, wind, temperature, soil, fertility and security
  • Select trees adapted to the site and pest and disease resistant
  • Plant at the right time using proper planting techniques
  • Establish a maintenance schedule
  • Care for the trees until they are established
  • and flourishing
Trees Bring People Together

Tree Projects we can get involved in

Trees in the UK

Woodland Trust

  • Decreasing area of trees
  • Woodland Trust offer
    • 45 trees for £60 (true cost £150) available from 1st November
    • 8 selections of three lots of 15 trees are available
    • via Rotary GB&I web site or

Wider Concerns

  • >80 % - natural forests destroyed
  • Deforestation & desertification
    • Tree felling for building, fuel, crops & livestock
    • Major drivers  of climate change
  • Conflicts over natural resources

Rotary Mission Green

Protecting the Environment, Improving Livelihoods
We are a wonderfully dedicated group of almost 2,000 Rotarians spread across 46 clubs in Uganda and Tanzania.
Our Purpose - To protect the environment and reduce the adverse effects of Climate change and improve the income levels of susceptible groups.
Our Vision - Creating awareness and encourage green habits and fostering in a sustainable growth and development.
Our Mission - To create a community “empowered” with green character
through green behavior.

Sustainable Global Gardens (SGG)

  • Encouraging tree planting
  • UK Rotary Clubs contribution*
  • £100 will buy 50 seedlings
  • Contacts:- or
  • Tanzanian Rotary Clubs make tree-planting a regular Club activity

Plant for Peace

  • Partnership with multinational food companies
  • Building supply chains & processing factories for high value horticulture produce
  • Building a network of farmer-owned cooperatives
  • Mulberry, almond and pomegranate
  • Maximise demand for farmers to create sustainability

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