District 1260 comes to the rescue

RIBI supports the “National Big Bang” and “Big Bangs near Me”.

Rotary GB&I has, this year, agreed to support the “National Big Bang” and “Big Bangs near Me”.

On Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 Northampton University facilitated the “Silverstone Big Bang”.

If you cast your minds back, the temperature did not rise above -5 deg C, and it was snowing.

This did not stop more than 4,000 students and their teachers attending from local schools. Once again D1260 came to the rescue with Buckingham and Newport Pagnell club members fronting the Rotary Stand. I think we were all exhausted as there was literally no time to get a cup of coffee, so thank you to those who helped.

Our aim was to raise the profile of Rotary and look for leads for new members. In my opinion both elements were well and truly achieved even if other districts reaped the majority of the rewards.

Roger Phillips
D1260 Youth Service
Rotary GB&I Technology Team
6th March 2018