Buckingham Rotary Club working with the Mary’s Meals Backpack Project

Phase 1 completed, onto the next Phase

Buckingham Rotary Club is honoured to be working with the Mary’s Meals Backpack Project

Phase 1 for the Project Team was to challenge Buckingham Rotary members to provide 50 filled backpacks before Christmas 2017; this target was surpassed allowing the project to move to phase 2

The Rotary are now contacting local infant/junior schools and other interested organisations asking them to engage their children in the project. It is a fantastic learning opportunity for recycling, citizenship, inclusivity, geography, organisational skills, group work and well-being.

The Backpack Project is a way to help children from chronically poor families to get to school in countries like Liberia and Malawi. Very often the children that Mary’s Meals support don’t have even basic things like pens and notepads to allow them to make the most of their education. Schoolchildren can help solve this problem by filling a used or new backpack with some everyday educational items.
Along with the free school meal that Mary’s Meals provides (which costs just £13.90 to feed a child for an entire school year) the backpacks they send will enable children to attend school and gain an education that can help them escape from poverty when they grow up.