Letchworth Howard Handover and Presentations eveningclub’s Handover and Presentations evening

Letchworth Howard stalwart taken by surprise at club’s Handover and Presentations evening

There was a pleasant shock in store for Letchworth Howard Rotarian Colin Green on June 26 when he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship at a surprise ceremony at his own home.

He and his wife Karen were hosting the club’s end of Rotary year handover event in their garden on what was a glorious summer evening when he was unexpectedly called forward by the club’s outgoing president Dave Glanville.

Dave announced that Rotary GB&I had agreed to a club proposal that Colin be honoured with the prestigious award in recognition of all his work for Rotary and charitable fund-raising over the best part of 30 years.

All the members were in on the secret apart from Colin.  Colin joined Letchworth Howard in 1988 and has served three terms as club president.

A floral basket was presented to Karen by Dave’s wife Kathy in recognition not just of the support she has given Colin over the years but also for all the help she has herself given the club and the work she has put in on its behalf.

Letchworth Howard’s new president is Tony Silver, a chartered quantity surveyor, whose first task in his new position was formally to induct his wife, Angela, as president-elect.  Keeping it all in the family on this occasion, Angela will take over from Tony as president next year.

In an evening of presentations and awards, the club welcomed Lisa Seccombe of Garden House Hospice in Letchworth Garden City, who was given a cheque for £3,035, the result of Letchworth Howard fund-raising events.

“We’re very, very blessed with all the Rotary groups in our area,” Lisa said, “and this club is just amazing. The Hospice wouldn’t be there without people like you.”

A second important guest was Faith Hojeer from Home Start Hertfordshire, who was presented with a cheque for £600, again the fruits of Letchworth Howard fund-raising. Home Start provides vital support to families with young children who for one reason or another can have difficulties coping.

The presentations continued with prizes for the two top teams in Letchworth Howard’s recent fund-raising darts marathon. Top scorers were the Rad Cats, represented by mother and daughter Lorraine Marlow and Nicola Woodrow, while the prize for the biggest amount raised through sponsorship went to Jack’s Jokers, represented by mother and son Vanessa Parker and Mitchell Parker. They all took back bottles of wine to be shared with their other team members.

David Walker.
Letchworth Howard Rotary Club
28th June 2018 



Picture captions:


Pic 1.

Pic 2. New president Tony Silver (left) is clearly happy after receiving his chain of office from retiring president Dave Glanville.

Pic 3. Keeping it all in the family: Angela Silver receives her president-elect chain from her husband Tony, whom she will succeed next year as Letchworth Howard president.

Pic 4. “This club is just amazing,” said Lisa Seccombe of Garden House Hospice, Letchworth Garden City, after receiving a cheque for £3,035 from retiring Letchworth Howard president Dave Glanville.

Pic 5. Faith Hojeer, from Home Start Hertfordshire, is all smiles as she receives a cheque for £600 from Letchworth Howard fund-raising activities.

Pic 6. Hearty congratulations to Lorraine Marlow of the Rad Cats darts team, top scorers in Letchworth Howard’s recent darts marathon, with one of her team mates, her daughter Nicola Woodrow.

Pic 7. Top fund-raisers in the club’s darts marathon were Jack’s Jokers, represented at the event by Vanessa Parker (pictured here receiving the team prize) and her son Mitchell Parker.

Pic 8. Time to relax: Letchworth Howard members and guests enjoy the evening sunshine at the handover event.