Another Global Grant Success for Luton North

Paul Denton, Luton North, was delighted when he received an email from the Rotary Foundation last week.

Congratulations! Your global grant application for funding to provide cataract surgeries to 200 beneficiaries and ophthalmology equipment to L.M. Shah hospital Navsari, India, submitted by the Rotary Club of Gandevi and the Rotary Club of Luton North, has been approved by Rotary Foundation (India) (RF(I)) and the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). The award is in the amount of US$117,500

The application was started just 10 weeks ago by Luton North Rotary Club with the sum of $15,000. With  support from Host Global Grant Club, Rotary Club of Gandevi, D3060 India, further funds from Rotary Districts 1260 UK, D3060 India and D5950 Minnesota, USA and the Rotary Foundation the amount has reached $117,500. Paul Denton said this is well beyond our dreams and our thanks to everyone who has helped along the way.  Over the years Luton North has completed several Grants of one sort or another, but this is the largest amount achieved in one application. But more important is the help we are giving to the people in need in the Gujarat part of India, an area we have supported for a very long time. Rotary and  the Rotary Foundation DOING GOOD IN THE WORLD.

Paul Denton
Luton North Rotary
16th September 2018