Dunstable School Uniform Stall

Helping out with the high cost of uniforms

The picture shows our stall erected in the Quadrant Shopping Centre, Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph, written by Frank Field M.P. highlighted the rip-off prices of School Uniforms. He stated that paying at least £300 for uniforms and games kit was hard for parents with limited means and thought that VAT should be dropped from the cost.

VAT is only charged on clothing provided to teenagers and not for “young children” but what defines a young child is anybody’s guess. The explanation given is that VAT relief is given on the maximum size of an average child on their 14th birthday.

The Rotary Club of Dunstable has for some time now been providing  uniforms free of charge obtained from lost property offices at most of the local schools. The success has been phenomenal.

We have had a stall on several occasions and been overwhelmed by how popular it has become. Our stall was held last Saturday the 10th November at the Quadrant Shopping Centre, and once again was very busy especially with winter coats.

Chris Smith
Rotary Club of Dunstable
12th November 2018

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