Rotary Acronyms

What do all the Acronyms mean in rotary?

There are lots of Acronyms used in Rotary, here is a list of some of the more commonly used ones and their meanings (in alphabetic order):

AG: Assistant Governor (also known as Assistant District Governor)
CALMED: Collaborative Action in Lowering Maternity Encountered Death
CLP: Club Leadership Plan
COL: Council on Legislation
DCM: District Council Meeting
DDF: District Designated Funds (to do with Foundation)
DG: District Governor
DGE: District Governor Elect (the next DG)
DGN: District Governor Nominee (the next DGE)
DOTS: District Officer Training Seminar
DRFC: District Rotary Foundation Committee
DSG: District Simplified Grant
GETS: Governor Elect Training
GSE: Group Study Exchange
IPDG: Immediate Past District Governor
MDR: Membership Development & Retention
MOP: Manual of Procedure
MPRC: Marketing and Public Relations Committee  
ORDS: Online Rotary Dining Steward
P: President (Club)
PDG: Past District Governor
PE: President Elect (Club)
PETS: President Elect Training Seminar  
 President Elect Preperation Seminar
PHF: Paul Harris Fellow  
PI: Public Image
Polio: Plus The programme of The Rotary Foundation to immunize the children of the world against poliomyelitis
PP: Past President (Club)
PRID: Past Rotary International Director
PRIP: Past Rotary International President
PRIT: Past Rotary International Treasurer
PRLS: Potential Rotary Leader Seminar
RC: Rotary Club
RD:S Rotary Dining Steward
RI: Rotary International  
RGBI: Rotary Great Britain & Ireland
RID: Rotary International Director
RIP: Rotary International President
RIPE: Rotary International President Elect
RIPN: Rotary International President Nominee
RIPPR: Rotary International President's Personal Representative
Rotary GB&I: Rotary International Britain and Ireland  
Rtn: Rotarian
RYE: Rotary Youth Exchange
RYLA: Rotary Youth Leadership Award
SMT: Senior Management Team
TOR: Terms of Reference
TRF: The Rotary Foundation
VTT: Vocational Training Team
VP: Vice President
YAAG: Year At A Glance
YEP: Youth Exchange Programme
YIR: Yours in Rotary
3H Grant: Health, Hunger and Humanity Grant

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