Hatfield Folds and then gets Fired Up

Two interesting talks

On Wed 23rd Jan we enjoyed the most amusing talk “Opening up possibilities”.  This gave us an unexpected view on Origami – we were expecting how to make a duck out of paper – what we learned was that origami was always an art form but is now a new form of mathematics which forms the basis of how -

  • To store effectively a huge area of solar cells on spacecraft

  • To enable a tiny heart stent to get longer and wider when fitted.  

Fascinating and as the photo shows often amusing (left to right President John, Secretary Rosemary and Speaker Mark Bolitho).  Mark travels the world in his capacity as Chairman of the British Society of Origami.

This was followed on Wed 30 Jan with a talk on Pyrotechnics by the Rev Mark Slater.

Mark has had a lifetime interest in things that go bang, eventually becoming a professional firework display organizer, responsible for both the presentation and, of course the safety of his audience and his co-workers…

There is much more technology involved than you can imagine just going to a firework display.  We learned about this and saw some of the beautiful places where he has “performed”, e.g. Leeds Castle and Hampton Court as well as having some loud films of actual displays.

Rob Addelman
Hatfield Rotary
1st February 2019

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