Royston Historic Vehicle Show

May Day Fayre & Vechile Show in Royston

Last year May Day was one of the hottest on record, this year it was one of the coldest. The good news was that the rain held off despite some forecasts suggesting there might be some. Adverse weather always impacts the number of vehicles attending, but while we didn’t match last year’s record of over 170 there was still a very good turnout. I didn’t count, but estimate we had around 100 four wheeled vehicles (and some 3 wheeled) and around 30 motor bikes and scooters. There was the usual highly varied assortment on show with arguably the highlight being the towering London Routemaster bus. The bus proved a great attraction, especially with children, as the owner allowed people on board.

There were the usual large and loud American cars, one of which, a striking 1969 Ford Mustang owned by Ritchie Penn, caught Chief Judge President David’s eye and was awarded the best in show trophy. David then chose a lovely Aerial Arrow, newly restored by Terry Cooper, as best bike in show. For his award, Royston mayor Iain Legget chose a Citroen owned by Roger Phillippo partly because of its rarity, being British made in Slough and right hand drive.

Large numbers of people filtered across from the May Day Fayre to admire the vehicles, including the ever popular Argyll amongst many others.

Ray Munden & Neil Heywood
Royston Rotary