Rebuilding in Uganda

Mary Fenton speaks to Hatfield about her work

Late September Hatfield enjoyed an excellent talk by Mary Fenton about her work helping to rebuild a village in Uganda left desolate after the awful Idi Amin regime.

We met her on our Charity Walk in May  - she is an excellent speaker who would like to address other clubs in our District.

We were also very fortunate to have two guests

  • Rotarian Amal Kooheji from Bahrain, who gave us a brief, but most interesting overview of Rotary in her country (lots of women members and 3 active clubs in the 1m inhabitants)
  • Jeannette Mutawe, a local psychologist, who wants to help in her society.  We told her about JOCA and other local causes where she could help.

Robert Addleman

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