Sports Report – District Outdoor Bowls 2019

Once again Bushey Bowls Club hosted the District Outdoor Bowls Competition for the Fred Butt Trophy.

Early on Thursday 19th September, two Luton Chiltern Teams, A comprising Richard Sharp, Mike Lobb and Richard White and B, Mick Lord, Tony Lenton and Barry Lister winged their way down the motorway in appalling traffic. Thankfully though, we all arrived on time.

The competition was well organised by Rtn Neville Brant ably assisted by members of the Bushey Bowls Club. The teams competing were Luton Chiltern (2), Chesham (2), Flitwick Vale and St Albans.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny autumn day and fortune favoured Luton Chiltern’s B team in the morning as they won all of their games, our A team did not fare as well unfortunately but after a splendid lunch provided by the ladies of Bushey B.C., they fared a little better and team A lost one of their two remaining matches.

The trophy was won by Luton Chiltern B team and was presented to the winners by DG Mary Whitehead.

It was, as usual, a good day, full of fun and Rotary fellowship.

Richard Sharp
Luton Chiltern

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