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New: Polio Plus Society (Support the complete eradication of Polio globally).

Despite the restrictions of fundraising because of the Covid19 pandemic, in the last Rotary year 2020-21 Rotary clubs and districts donated a total of $993,251 to PolioPlus. Although this was 11.53% less than the 2019-20 total of $1,122,661, it was still an amazing effort and as your End Polio Now Coordinators we would like to express our thanks for your continued commitment.


Up to 31st October 2021, the total donated was $142,200 which is 15% greater than at the same date last year. However, Rotary needs to redouble its efforts in order to ensure that our promise to the children of the world to eradicate polio forever is achieved. Therefore, we have set a goal for PolioPlus donations in this current year of $1,235,000, which sounds ambitious, but which we believe can be achieved.


We have great faith in the generosity and commitment of Rotarians, but we also feel that there should be some way in which those Rotarians who make a significant personal commitment to PolioPlus should receive some recognition. A new initiative that has been gathering momentum in many other parts of the Rotary world is the setting up of PolioPlus Societies for Rotarians who pledge $100 or more every year until WHO declares that wild poliovirus has been eradicated. This is fully explained in the leaflet and application form (accessible by clicking the blue links)

We look forward to receiving many applications for membership of the PolioPlus Society in the next few months. Membership is not restricted to Rotarians, and if we might make a suggestion, to enrol a close member of your family in the PolioPlus Society would make a wonderful Christmas present.


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