2023 Watford Rotary's Christmas Sleigh Ride

Sat, Dec 2nd 2023 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The routes for our 2023 Christmas Sleigh Ride around the streets of Watford, also we have listed the days we will be outside the Supermarkets, Santa is looking forward to wishing all our supporters a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Press release

The moment you have been waiting for, please see below the routes for our 2023 Christmas Sleigh Ride around the streets of Watford, also we have listed the days we will be outside the Supermarkets, Santa is looking forward to wishing all our supporters a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
As in last year, our collectors will be carrying card readers for those of you who would like to donate by card.
Our thanks to Andy and Neil for their hard work refurbishing the lighting and electrics on our sleigh and Regal London for giving the sleigh a paint makeover, making it look great for the start of our Sleigh Ride.
Rotary Santa sleigh routes from 6-8pm, traffic & weather permitting plus Supermarkets.

Saturday 2nd 9-5pm and Sunday 3rd 10-4pm at ASDA.

Monday 4th Dec, Bucknalls Lane and Coates Way.

Start at Lemonfield Drive, 2nd right into Mutchetts Close, 2nd left into Chichester Way, Cranfield Drive, turn left onto Bucknalls Lane, Tudor Manor Gdns and Coates Way, finish.
Tuesday 5th Dec , Garston Lane and The Avenues.

Start at Cuffley Ave, Bovingdon Cres, Codicote Dr, Gaddesdon Cres, Codicote Dr, right onto Garston Lane, left Woodhurst Ave, right into Fourth Ave, right into First Ave, right into Second Ave, right into Third Ave and back to Garston Lane to finish.
Wednesday 6th Dec, The Meriden, Westlea and Eastlea Ave.

Start from The Phillipers to The Pelhams, then back onto the Phillipers, turn right into Fairfolds, then right into Bowmans Green, left onto Phillipers and left into York Way. After the shops, turn onto Turnstones, left onto York Way, right on Westlea Ave and then Eastlea Ave to Finish.
Thursday 7th Dec , Leggatts Wood Ave and Cherry Tree Rd.

Start at Leggatts Wood Ave (St Albans Rd end), right into Ash Tree Rd, turn right into Pomeroy Cres, onto Berry Ave, left into Cherry Tree Rd and left into Leggatts Wood Ave, turn right into Hazel Tree Road then right onto Oakdene Rd, left into Cherry Tree Road, left onto Beechwood Rise. Cross St Albans Rd onto Bushey mill Lane and left into Bushey Mill Cres and Northfields Gdns . Finish
Friday 8th Dec, Sandringham Rd and North Watford.

Start at Sandringham Rd (Bushey Mill Lane end) down to Balmoral Rd, turn left and left again into Southfield Rd, right into Westfield Ave and right into Norfolk Ave. Then Munden Grove, right into Westfield Ave and right into Knutsford Ave and left into Hibert Ave. Finish.
Saturday 9th 9-5pm and Sunday 10th 10-4pm at Morrisons.
Monday 11th Dec, Tudor and Knutsford.

Start at Douglas Ave, (Woodmere Ave end) 2nd left into Tudor Ave, right into Bushey Mill Lane and right into Tudor Ave, left into Tudor Walk, right Tudor Ave, across the lights into Knutsford Ave, left into Westfield Ave, cross to Eastfield Ave, turn right into Tavistock Rd left into Devon Rd. Left into Byron Ave, right into Eastfield Ave, Carisbrooke Ave, and to 56 Devon Rd. Finish.
Tuesday 12th Dec, Woodside and Leavesden.

Start at Brow shops and social club, turn right into Louvain Way and round Weall Green, turning right on The Brow and right round Stud Green, right onto Ganders Ash, left onto High Rd and left into Sheepcote Lane, right into Queenswood Crescent, right onto Sheepcote and right onto Haines Way to finish at the shops.
Wednesday 13th Dec, Courtlands Drive.

Start at turn into Leaford Cres, left into Gammons Lane(left side collection) right onto Chilcott Rd, cross Courtlands Dr to Goodwood Ave, left onto Minerva Dr and Greenbank Rd. Left onto The Ridgeway, left Wimborne Grove, left to Rosecroft Dr. Finish at The Ridgeway.
Thursday 14th Dec, Kingswood.

Start at North Approach shops, left into Greenwood Drive, Fern Way, into Kingswood Rd, then into Hillingdon Rd, right into Meadow Rd, across into Perivale Gdns, cross into Briar Rd, left into Appletree Walk, Sycamore Close and rest of Appletree Walk. Finish.
Friday 15th Dec, Kingswood and Leavesden Green.

Start at North Approach shops, turn right into Moss Rd, left into Kingswood Road right into Briar Rd, (start collecting after Appletree Walk) to junction with North Approach. Left along North Approach, right into Orbital Crescent, left at end by shops into Evans Ave, right into Clarke Way to end, left into Rushton Ave end, left into Harris Road, right into Ross Cres, left into Harris Rd, right into Hemming Way, right into Clarke Way (no stopping) right into Summerfield Rd, left into Harris Rd, finish at North Approach.
Saturday 16th 9-5pm and Sunday 17th 10-4pm at TESCO extra.
Monday 18th Dec 9-5pm Watford High Street cnr Clarendon Rd.
Monday 18th Dec, Cassiobury.

Start at Langley Way roundabout, turn left into Hartford Drive, turn right into Devereux Drive, across Langley Way into Woodland Drive. Turn right into The Gardens, turn left into Orchard Close to end and back. Cross into Orchard Dr till Langley Way. Finish.
Tuesday 19th Dec, Cassiobury.

Start at the Roundabout on Cassiobury Drive, left into Belmont Wood Drive, right into Langley Way and first left into Richmond Drive, left into Parkside Dr to the end. Left into Cassiobury Drive, finish at the roundabout.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 21st-23rd Dec 9-5pm at Sainsburys Dome roundabout.

All monies collected go to local charities.