RIBI Rotarians - Register here for the template website:

(NB - this does NOT give access to the RI database or the RIBI site)

    You only need to register here if:
    • your club is intending to use the RIBI website template system
    • AND you have NOT already been registered by your club administrator
    • you are a District Officer in a district using the website template.
    • you have not already registered or been registered by your club administrator!
  1. Please note, your privacy is valued and this list will never be passed to any third party. You will not be able to access the club/district administration areas until your Rotary membership is confirmed. This process may take some time if your district administrator doesn't check the admin area!
  2. Do not register more than once ** - the same information is used to login to District and Club pages.
  3. If you have already registered - but are unable to access the site - please see the ADMIN and the 'Login Problems' pages.
  4. Rotarians' email addresses will not be shown in the public areas of the site - but the inclusion of it will enable contact via forms, which keep your addresses hidden from view. Your email address is required to verify your status. If you change your email address please don't register again - just log into your site and update your details with the new address.
  5. If you can't remember if you've registered already - check with your District Administrator.

**If your application has not been approved within 2 months, your record will be deleted (which is the only circumstance where you will need to register again if you meet the criteria in 1 above!)

If you've changed your email address and can't recover the username/password automatically, ask your club administrator to update your email address.

If you've changed club, your district administrator can update your details if you have moved within the same district. If you've joined a club in a different district, your new club's administrator can contact Chris Sweeney to arrange the change. DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN!!!!!

Please complete the form below to start the registration process. Once your membership is confirmed, you can log in and add more information, choose to receive email updates etc. Also, please note that the staff at RIBI do not have access to the template and should not be contacted if you have problems - please refer to your club and district administrators.

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