Completed meetings and events 2018-2019

Wed 15th May 2019 Singing for the Brain led by Gail Hartley

Concert led by Gail Hartley at the Downe Arms.
Reception: Tom Potter & David Francis Grace : Geoff Mountfield Thanks & Report for Club media: Chris Case
{Meeting organisers for May = Venkatesh & Chris Case

Sun 12th May 2019 Walking for Water Sponsored Walk

Sponsored walk to support Ghana water projects. SEE full details under "EVENTS"

Wed 8th May 2019 Council feedback from meeting 29 April

Reception: Joan Hodgson and ANO. Grace : Keith Dobbie. Report for Club media: John Dudley
{Meeting organisers for May = Venkatesh & Chris Case

Sat 4th May 2019 Last day of Tour de Yorkskshire

Bridlington to Whitby to Scarborough - details TBC

Wed 1st May 2019 Rallying experience and Monte Carlo preparations

Mike Kent adventures! Reception:Paul de Villanueve and Roy Butterworth. Grace : Sam Ramaswamy. Thanks and Report for Club media: Eric Morgan
{Meeting organisers for May = Venkatesh & Chris Case} read more...

Mon 29th April 2019 Council meeting

Details follow

Wed 24th April 2019 Scarborough Pupil Referral Unit

Talk by George McIntyre @ Downe Arms. Reception : Roger Chapman & Venkatesh. Grace : Rhien Cocker Thanks and report for Club Media : Bob Thompson

Wed 17th April 2019 More than Carers: A fresh view of Scarborough and Ryedale Carers

Talk by Claire Robinson: Reception: Alan Campbell & Mike Wilkinson Grace : Richard Creasey .Thanks & Report for Club media: Kavita Verma {Meeting organisers for April Tom Potter & David Mortimer}

Wed 10th April 2019 Visit to Spirit of Yorkshire distillery & Piebald Inn

6.30pm at the distillery in Hunmanby, then circa 7.45pm at Piebald Inn
Reception: John Bradley & John WIlson. Grace : Chris Case. Thanks & Report for Club media:John Walker
{Meeting organisers for April Tom Potter & David Mortimer}

Fri 5th April 2019 Ladies evening Ceilidh & Dinner - at the Rugby Club


Wed 3rd April 2019 What is a Duke of Edindurgh's Award ?

Reception: Andrew Green & Bob Thompson. Grace : Richard Grunwell. Vote of thanks & Report for Club media: Mark Shields
{Meeting organisers for April Tom Potter & David Mortimer}

Wed 27th March 2019 Wine tasting at the Downe Arms

A reprise of Geoff's fascinating evening. Reception : Paul de V & Jim Martin Grace & Host :David Francis Vote of thanks and media report : Mike Kent {Meeting organisers for March : Rhien Cocker & Richard Grunwell}

Wed 20th March 2019 Gardeners Question Time - at the Downe Arms

Roger Burnett in the hot seat!
Reception Erc Morgan & Janet Deacon Grace & Host : George McIntyre Vote of thanks and media report : Tom Potter {Meeting organisers for March : Rhien Cocker & Richard Grunwell}

Wed 13th March 2019 Visit to Scarborough Rifle Club

Reception David Mortimer & Richard Creasey Vote of thanks and media report : ANO {Meeting organisers for March : Rhien Cocker & Richard Grunwell} read more...

Thu 7th March 2019 CAMRA beer festival day 1 of 3

At the SPA.. Cavaliers opportunity to do some fundraising read more...

Wed 6th March 2019 Council feedback (from 25 Feb) & CAMRA briefing

Reception Alan Campbell & Venkatesh Grace & Host : Rhien Cocker (Vote of thanks) Media report : ANO {Meeting organisers for March : Rhien Cocker & Richard Grunwell}

Wed 27th February 2019 Musings from Down Under (Tom Potter)

Reception : Chris Case & Kavita Verma Grace & Host : Roger Chapman Vote of thanks and and media report : Geoff Mountfield {Meeting organisers for February = David Francis & Tony Stevens}

Mon 25th February 2019 Council meeting


Wed 20th February 2019 North Yorkshire Youth Justice

Talk by Ed Horwood at the Downe Arms.
Reception : Doug Johnson & John Wilson Grace & Host : John Bradley Vote of thanks and and media report : Richard Grunwell {Meeting organisers for February = David Francis & Tony Stevens} read more...

Tue 19th February 2019 Youth Speaks public speaking competition

Lady Lumley's School in Pickering. At least Jim & Peter to attend

Wed 13th February 2019 Social evening at Walkers fish restaurant

Reception : John Walker & Peter Howgate. Vote of thanks and and media report : Alan Campbell {Meeting organisers for February = David Francis & Tony Stevens}.

Tue 12th February 2019 - Wed 30th January 2019 Technology tournament

.

Wed 6th February 2019 Farming on the Climate Change front line

Professor Chris Garforth - talk at At Downe Arms. Reception Tom Potter & David Francis. Grace/host : Geoff Mountfield. Vote of thanks : Andrew Green
{Meeting organisers for February = David Francis & Tony Stevens}

Mon 28th January 2019 Burns Night @ Scarborough Rotary Club - MONDAY 28-1-2019

Traditional festivities at Scarborough Rugby Union Club - courtesy Scarborough Rotary Club. DETAILS TBC

Sat 26th January 2019 Safari supper - Details from RG


Wed 23rd January 2019 Council Feedback from Council meeting on 14th January

Feedback to/fro Club from recent Council meeting - CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR SAY.
At the Downe Arms. Reception Rhien Cocker & Venkatesh. Grace/host : Richard Creasey. Vote of thanks : n/a

Wed 16th January 2019 Ramaswamy & Venkatesh - mystery talk

At the Downe Arms. Reception John Bradley & John Walker. Grace/host : Roger Chapman. Vote of thanks : Kavita Verma

Mon 14th January 2019 Council meeting

Details and agenda TBC.

Wed 9th January 2019 Rainbow Centre - Update - Trish Kinsella

At the Downe Arms

Wed 19th December 2018 Carol service [19.00] followed by Carvery at the Downe Arms

Service at 7.00 pm followed by Carvery at 8.30 pm. £20. Raffle prizes to John Wilson please. Details of Reception and Grace TBC read more...

Wed 12th December 2018 Christmas dinner at Cober Hill

Reception: Doug Johnson & George McIntyre. Grace: Mike Kent. Vote of thanks and report for Club media: Jim Martin

Wed 5th December 2018 Special General Meeting & Council feedback

Election of Club officers for future years. Business reports.
A chance to volunteer to DO something.
Reception: David Mortimer & Peter Howgate, Grace: Eric Morgan, Report for Club media: John Dudley

Wed 28th November 2018 Stuart Foods - talk by Damien Howarth MD at Downe Arms

Reception: Andrew Green & Geoff Mountfield. Grace and Host: Richard Grunwell. Vote of thanks and report for Club media: Jonathan Knight read more...

Wed 28th November 2018 Communications Group


Wed 21st November 2018 Showcase Evening : Dragon Boat celebration and Cavaliers showcase

Reception David Francis & Mark Shields. AND Joathan Knight + Peter Howgate.

Wed 21st November 2018 Showcase Evening : Dragon Boat celebration and Cavaliers showcase

Showcase evening Distribution of funds raised for SASH; Scarborough Survivors; Woodlands Academy and Dial-a-Ride and Dragon Boat Beneficiaries. A fun evening for helpers, friends and prospective members & glimpse of some of the Cavaliers activities. read more...

Sun 18th November 2018 - Fri 16th November 2018 Countdown for Christmas

.

Wed 14th November 2018 Scarborough Tandoori

Reception: Janet Deacon & Paul de Villanueva. Vote of thanks and report for Club media: Tony Stevens read more...

Wed 31st October 2018 Willows Lull - all about - talk by Jo Parrott at Downe Arms

Reception: Alan Campbell & John Wilson. Grace and Host: Roger Chapman. Vote of thanks and report for Club media: Mike Wilkinson read more...

Wed 24th October 2018 The Mission & Achievements of the International Foundation of the Art of Living

Dr Ravi Karwa volunteers for the International Art of Living Foundation & will showcase the immense achievements of AOLF, whose mission is to educate and strengthen an individual to achieve a stress free mind and contribute to a violence free society. read more...

Wed 17th October 2018 Hackness Ladies Choir at Downe Arms

Hackness Ladies musical evening ahead of the meal at Downe Arms.Reception: Tom Potter and Mike Wilkinson. Grace and Host: Geoff Mountfield. Vote of thanks and report for Club media :Richard Grunwell. read more...

Wed 10th October 2018 Social evening at Raven Hall

Reception George McIntyre and John Wilson.
Grace Geoff Mountfield
Vote of thanks Tony Stevens

Mon 8th October 2018 Council meeting

It is a Monday - location at Richard Grunwell's. Timing and location will be re-confirmed nearer the date

Wed 3rd October 2018 NO MEETING TODAY

No meeting this Wednesday. This week's meeting is on Monday 1st October at Scarborough Rugby Club

Wed 26th September 2018 Visit to Pickering Rotary Club

Tony Stevens Rotary Cavaliers President, thanking Sue Harris Pickering Rotary Club President's, for their hospitality at the recent joint meeting at Pickering, North Yorkshire. read more...

Wed 19th September 2018 Job Talk by Keith Dobbie at The Downe Arms

Keith Dobbie presenting his job talk to the Cavaliers at a recent meeting, very interesting and informative. .

Wed 12th September 2018 Mind talk by Lorraine Hamilton at the Downe Arms

Lorraine is also President elect of the hull Rotary Club

Sun 9th September 2018 “Singing for the Brain”

'Singing for the brain' choir raise money for Alzheimers Society Scarborough Cavaliers and the Rotary Club of Aalten Wisch contribute to raise funds for the Azheimers Society to produce CD's of the “Singing for Brain” group (Autumn 2018) read more...

Wed 5th September 2018 St Catherine's talk by the CEO at the Downe Arms

Talk by CEO Mike Wilkerson

Wed 29th August 2018 Domesday Book at the Downe Arms

Talk by Martin Johnson around the Domesday Book and his replica copy.

Wed 22nd August 2018 Search & Rescue. Talk at the Downe Arms

All about it - full details nearer the time.

Reception: Paul de Villanueve & Geoff Mountfield
Grace & Host: Tom Potter
Vote of Thanks; Richard Creasey

Mon 20th August 2018 Scarborough Cricket Club Festival Dinner - annual event

Rotarians and guests made up three tables at the excellent and hilarious dinner. There are many knowledgeable lady cricket fans - we would welcome more of you to this event At Scarborough Cricket Club read more...

Sat 18th August 2018 Community Fair

Rotary Cavalier President, Tony Stevens appears to have upset the long arm of the law!! Local organisations - mainly voluntary sector - display their offerings/message in the pedestrian precint. All Rotary hands to the task to move, set up and dismantle tables. Breakfast at Lord Roseberry after early morning set up.

Wed 15th August 2018 Club Forum at the Downe Arms

Feedback from the recent (first) Council meeting of 2018/9. Focus on forthcoming activities and key objectives of the Club. Come along and say your say.

Reception: Roger Chapman & Keith Dobbie
Grace: Rhien Cocker

Wed 8th August 2018 Scarborough Fair Collection then Ox inn at Lebberston

Volunteer giving an introduction to the stunning Scarborough Fair Collection Stunning collection of vintage fairground rides, organs, vehicles and arcade games opened up from 6.15 to 7.45; we then moved on to the Ox Inn at Lebberston. read more...

Wed 1st August 2018 Modern pentathlon - talk by Ann Marshall. At the Downe Arms

Talk by Ann Marshall District development manager and ETP Manager Pentathlon GB. read more...

Wed 25th July 2018 Sawdon Classic: golf for non golfers- at SNAINTON!

Traditional non golfers tournament "Sawdon Classic" re-located in recent times to Snainton THEN at Downe Arms.

Reception: David Mortimer & Mark Shields
Grace: Chris Case
Vote of Thanks & Prize giving: John Bradley
Detailed timing - see below

Wed 18th July 2018 WetWheels Yorkshire

TAlk at Downe Arms by Peter Richardson

Wed 11th July 2018 Preisidents' Hand-Over evening

"Over to you"

Wed 4th July 2018 Murder Mystery around Scarborough

Its a mystery!
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