Completed meetings and events 2018-2019

Tue 10th July 2018 - Youth Service Committee meeting

Committee meeting at Leys School

Tue 10th July 2018 - Lunch meeting at the Gonville Hotel

David Short - Talk details TBA
Host - David Spreadbury; Cashier - Rosemary Turner; Reception - David Ball; Equipment/projection - Robert Ransom

Tue 10th July 2018 - Monthly Breakfast Meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Cashier - Anthony Nix

Fri 6th July 2018 District Handover

Usually held in Diss and to hand over to new District Governor

Tue 3rd July 2018 - Council meeting

Tue 3rd July 2018 - Lunch meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Patrick Colquhoun - Update on MSR
Host - John Holroyd; Cashier - John Parry; Reception - Graham Sanderson; Equipment/projection - Robert Ransom

Tue 3rd July 2018 - IMPORTANT meeting for all members

Discussion about RIBI with Amanda Watkin General Secretary of RIBI and 2018-19 District 1080 Governor David Simpson
[Administration Committee meeting cancelled]
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