Serving the Cambridge community since 1922, the Rotary Club of Cambridge is a mix of business people, entrepreneurs and professionals making connections whilst working for local and international community projects.

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On 21 April the Rotary Club of Cambridge held its AGM


At a packed meeting in the Dining Room at the Gonville Hotel the Club Officers for the year ahead were duly elected. These included:


President: Graham Sanderson


Vice President: Peter Jones


Junior Vice President: Julian Landy



Club awards were made to Francis Hookham and John Brady. Francis received his second Paul Harris award for the work he does behind the scenes on the Club website and indeed as part of a national team of testers/advisors for the template used by 1200 Rotary Clubs around the country.  To receive two awards is most unusual and underlines the recognition that the Club has for Francis's commitment to Rotary for many, many years.

Another long standing member, John Brady, received a Paul Harris award for the major work he had done in recent years in organising the church service for the house-bound.



The Rotary Club of Cambridge celebrated Rotarian Peter Shaw's 90th birthday at their recent meeting.

Peter was a prominent lawyer in Cambridge, until he retired, being a partner of Wild, Hewitson and Shaw (now Hewitsons).  He still takes a very active interest in the Club as it moves forward and supports Club events.  Peter lost his first wife and has married Rotarian Jenny Shaw (a retired architect) who is shown in our picture with Club president Philip James (chairman of the Coulson Building Group). 


Another new member joins us

Susan C Brenchley

Sue is a chartered Fellow of the CIPD, and spent some 22 years living and working in central London for the Ministry of Defence. Having worked in central policy divisions for most of that time Sue specialised in HR for several years and was posted to Brampton in 1996 to head up an HR Team. She subsequently led the HR team at Wyton and decided to leave the Civil Service in 2007 to pursue her career in private industry, which she now does in the HR field. She currently lives in Godmanchester and is a local magistrate. Her interests include reading, DIY, crafts and travelling.




A ShelterBox response team is being mobilised to travel to Vanuatu after the South Pacific country was hit by Cyclone Pam recently. The strength was a category five storm, with winds reaching almost 200 miles per hour.

Vanuatu, one of the world's poorest nations, is made up of a sprawling cluster of more than 80 islands. The country, sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and suffers from frequent earthquakes, tsunamis and active volcanoes as well as severe storms and rising sea levels.

While there is a communications blackout in most of Vanuatu, reports suggest that more than a quarter of a million people could now be homeless as a result of the cyclone and that up to 90% of structures have been destroyed or damaged. Thousands of people are now sheltering in evacuation centres in the provinces of Efate, Torba and Penama. 

ShelterBox has agreed to work with fellow aid organisation CARE International to distribute 1,000 shelter kits to people affected by the cyclone. The kits, which are designed to Red Cross specifications, can be used to repair and waterproof damaged buildings as well as to make emergency shelters.


You can donate by internet banking / BACS
a/c 54612713   60-04-23
ref: shelterbox - your name
or cheque payable to The Rotary Club of Cambridge Trust Fund
c/o Joshua Vanneck Treasurer
69 Barrons Way
Cambridge CB23 7EQ
and please email him so he knows what's coming:


24 March 2015 - Rotary Flame Celebration


The Rotary Club of Cambridge was selected to feature the Rotary Flame as it passed on its way on a trip across the UK after it arrived from Manila and then on to Lagos as it circumnavigates the globe in recognition of Rotary's drive to eradicate polio.


Full details in the Cambridge News issue Wednesday 25th March



Sue Dougan of Radio Cambridgeshire recently interviewed our President to find out what our Club is doing this year


RYLA the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.
This is to be held at Grafham Water Saturday 29th August until Saturday 5th September 2015.
"Do you know of any potential candidates?
Do you know of any organisation that would like to present a candidate and also fund them?
It is such an excellent course, we would very much like to send more than one candidate."   says Club Member Anne St Ives. Please contact her by email at:



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District Assembly on 25th April 2015 at Lynford Hall is a key date for next year's Committee Chairmen Philip James has details
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A grand concert by the Cambridge Citadel Band at Histon Baptist Church read more »
The route will take us from the Magog Downs car park around the Downs, across to Wandlebury and round in a loop. About 5 miles or two hours maximum. Timing will be meet at 10.30 and lunch at 1.00 at the Rose in Stapleford. Contact Rob Ransom
Professor Deborah Howard - 'Venice and the Islamic World' Host - Jenny Shaw, Cashier - Richard Summerfield, Reception - Patsy Glazebrook & Sally Marsh, Projection - Anne St Ives read more »
Council Meeting at CUP, Shaftesbury Rd. All club members are welcome
Open Fellowship Meeting of the Club Cashier - Anthony Nix All welcome including Visiting Rotarians and Guests of Members but seven days notice required
In the bar unless we can find somewhere quieter
Dr Cathrine Jannson-Boyd - 'Understanding Touch- the holy grail of consumer perception' Host - Rosemary Turner, Cashier - John Parry, Reception - Francis Hookham & Chris Senior, Projection - Nigel Neville read more »
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