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Talks we Enjoyed

This page gives a synopsis of some fascinating recent talks at our club including those by Sir Anthony Brenton, Professor Christopher Dobson and Dr Andy Williams VP of AstraZeneca in Cambridge.


What we do outside Rotary

Rotarian Rosemary Turner helps with Victim Support for those who have experienced criminal incidents.


What is our Club all about?


About us

"Making connections whilst working for local and international community projects."

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David Gill – Innovation in Cambridge

The Managing Director of the St John’s Innovation Centre spoke on May 8th to the Cambridge Rotary Club about the development of innovation in Cambridge. From its foundation to the mid 19th century the university was interested in little but religion and the classics. But when Prince Albert became chancellor he encouraged an interest in science. This was more primary science, concerned with the nature of the world, than anything with a commercial aspect. Any development of that nature was also restricted by the current planning policies which wished to keep the city small and surrounded by green space.

After the Second World War the Mott Report suggested a more expansionist approach, and some visionaries took the opportunity to think about technological innovation. In the sixties Dr John Bradfield promoted the Science Park and Chris Johnson the St John’s Innovation Centre. The purpose of the Centre was to provide support and mentoring to young entrepreneurs ready to develop their own businesses. David Gill likened his role to that of a headmaster, giving his sixth form appropriate freedom to grow. These entrepreneurs typically stay for some 5 to 7 years, and the Centre has spawned some hundred spin-off businesses, many now with world-wide reputations. What became the Cambridge Technology Cluster has also benefitted from the ’Cambridge spirit’ which is prepared to work with others to enable all to make progress.. To continue that progress further expansion is required, on some more ‘agricultural land of indifferent value’ such as enabled the Centre to be built.

David gave his talk on what has become a very important aspect of the English economy with a light touch. The success of the Centre has led to ‘innovation tourism’ and when important visitors come to see what is happening David asks his ‘students’ to ‘wear their oldest tee shirts and behave in a weird manner’ to show that they are true boffins

Rotarian David Spreadbury

Cambridge News

David Bartlett, Editor in Chief, was our lunchtime guest speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Cambridge on Tuesday 1st May.

When he joined Cambridge News, David was given a remit to make the paper relevant on line. In 2016 it had under 19000 likes on Facebook, now it has around 65000.

Although social media can be a threat, it can also help point the way to a more interesting paper. David’s secret is Love Cambridge. Social media can illustrate what sells, an example being a story of a night shift with the Police that ran for five days running.

The talk ended with a stimulating and informative question time during which it became obvious that David was on the top of his job and the Cambridge News was alive to all the challenges and opportunities presented by a forward looking paper.

Formats will change and evolve but great story telling will always be important..

Reporter Rotarian John Holroyd and photo by Rotarian Jenny Shaw.

President's Night at Fitzwilliam College

Tuesday 22 May 7.00 for 7.30 pm

A unique occasion with a superb dinner in a Cambridge college with a celebrated kitchen.

Suzi Digby will speak on "What is the future of music in state schools?"

An informal debate to which guests are welcome.

Suzi Digby OBE, Lady Eatwell is an internationally renowned Choral Conductor and Music Educator. She has trail blazed the revival of singing in UK schools and the community over two and a half decades. 

Our President, Julian Landy maintains:

"The music industry is one of the biggest export earners for the UK, and has been for years. Not just the Beatles. Think of all the performers, pop and classical, the musicals, the CDs and downloads from British performers. All over the globe they have appreciative customers. The vast majority of the talent began their musical journey at school. Mostly at state schools. Now the possibility of continuing this tradition is under threat from the trend away from teaching music in schools. Why?"

Ray Kelsall, the principal of Impington Village College and the head of music education at the County Council will both speak for the status quo. IVC is the one school locally that uses the EBACC, the English Baccalaureate, which cuts music teaching completely from the curriculum. 

Lady Eatwell (Suzi Digby) will speak against the current provisions and Sally Alexander, founder and Principal of Kimichi School Birmingham who started her own music school in order to escape the state system will speak likewise. 

The debate will then be open..........!

Tickets: £30 including a two course meal and a glass of wine.

  Will be reporting.....



We help with mock interviews..

A group of members recently conducted Mock Interviews with students on the Foundation Course at Cambridge Regional College. These are students whose previous educational experience has been unsatisfactory, many leaving school with few or no qualifications, and consequently with very low self-esteem and little confidence in their ability. In the Foundation Year, they focus on improving their English Language and Maths, usually with the intention of trying a GCSE at the end of the year, and also developing their personal and social skills with a view to being able to apply for a College FE course/apprenticeship and/or part-time or full time work. 

The purpose of these Mock Interviews was to help students overcome their fear of an interview and improve their presentation of themselves to people they didn’t know. Rotarians interviewed in pairs, interviewing students for 15/20 minutes and then giving the students feedback and advice. Subsequent feedback from the students suggested they had appreciated the experience and learned from it. We will be undertaking a further session of Mock Interviews on 25 April. 

John Barrett, Chair, Youth Service Committee


Rotarian Philip James, member of the Rotary Club of Cambridge, received a letter from MAGPAS AIR AMBULANCE on 27 February warmly thanking him for donations totalling £1,060 from the Club and inviting him to visit their helicopter base at RAF Wyton.

"Every pound you give helps Magpas Air Ambulance bring essential lifesaving care by land and air to patients in life-threatening emergencies....."


Rotary supporting young people  click to find out more


Cambridge 105 radio's Christmas Day broadcast of our Carol Concert at Great St Mary's Church attracts an audience of 10,000 listeners!

More about our Club

Rotary International is an association of business and professional men and women, committed to using their time, training and experience to serving the community.

We could use your skills, knowledge and input to take part in local, national and international humanitarian opportunities to help others. 

We meet every Tuesday, mainly for lunch, but once a month for breakfast and also for an evening meal, at the Gonville Hotel Cambridge.

If you are interested in finding out how to join us please email our Club Secretary cambridgerotaryuk@gmail.com


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Meetings and events happening soon

Tuesday 29th May 13.00 -

Lunch meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Frugal lunch and Business Meeting - members only
Host - David Ball; Cashier - John Parry; Reception - Sally Stewart; Equipment/projection - Rob Hook

Tuesday 5th June 13.00 -

Lunch meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Rob Hook - My Job;
Host - David Spreadbury; Cashier - Suzanne Sutton; Reception - Peter Jones; Equipment/projection - Clare Waterhouse

Tuesday 5th June 18.00 - (members only)

Council meeting

Tuesday 12th June 07.30 -

Monthly Breakfast Meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Cashier - Joshua Vanneck

Tuesday 12th June 13.00 -

Lunch meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Meeting details TBA
Host - John Mott; Cashier - Graeme Minto; Reception - John Holroyd; Equipment/projection - Andrew Priest

Tuesday 19th June 13.00 -

Lunch meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Nick Hadley "Satellite Clubs and How they Work";
Host - John Barrett; Cashier - Jim Stewart; Reception - David Spreadbury; Equipment/projection - Morris Chudleigh

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