Serving the Cambridge community since 1922, the Rotary Club of Cambridge is a mix of business people, entrepreneurs and professionals making connections whilst working for local and international community projects.

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STOP PRESS: 24 March


The Rotary Club of Cambridge has been selected to feature the Rotary Flame as it passes on its way on a trip across the UK after it arrives from Manila and then on to Lagos as it circumnavigates the globe in recognition of Rotary's drive to eradicate polio.



Sue Dougan of Radio Cambridgeshire is interviewing our President to find out what our Club is doing this year.


Professor Susan Smith, Mistress of Girton gave us a fascintating talk on her perceptions and possible future solutions of the housing crisis at our recent meeting.

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Professor Smith is pictured with club president, Philip James.


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The Rotary Club of Cambridge Technology Tournament 2015
19 Teams -  17 school teams and 2 teachers’ teams – from 7 schools in the region

This is a challenge for teams in a morning to design in miniature the solution to a real life problem.

In this year's test a rescue package had to be delivered across a crocodile infested river with just a zip wire in place.
The judging by members of the Rotary Club and colleagues with an engineering background was not only on the result of achieving the task but also on the planning, teamwork, problem solving and documentation/portfolio as well as the working design.
Rotarian Graeme Minto, the Club’s Secretary said “The real result for the pupils themselves is developing their teamwork and action planning in a morning as well as enjoying the science and technology”.
Graeme went on to point out that in a recent edition of the Times, Tom Whipple, Science Editor said “We need to double the number of school leavers going into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)”.
Rotarian Anne St Ives who organised things for us paid tribute to Elizabeth Crilly, director of Stem Team East, who supported the event and helped with the recruitment of schools and provided all of the materials and equipment.  Elizabeth said at this year's event “This gives schools the opportunity to engage with engineers and to take part in learning challenges.  We are very glad to have Rotary’s support”.
Overall winners
The Perse School Team 2
Design and innovation
St Mary’s School, Cambridge Team 1
Overcoming difficulties
The Leys School Team 2
St Bede’s Inter-Church School Team 2
Linton Village College Team 2
Thank you to all of the participants who helped make this year's tournament the best yet!


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Dr Olivia Casanueva - 'Studying worms to find the fountain of youth' Host - Dee Hutley, Cashier - Edward Coe, Reception - Jenny Shaw & Morris Chudleigh, Projection - Nigel Neville read more »
Council Meeting at CUP, Shaftesbury Rd. All club members are welcome
Open Fellowship Meeting of the Club Cashier - Anthony Nix All welcome including Visiting Rotarians and Guests of Members but seven days notice required
Dr Hazem Kandil - 'Understanding Islamic ideology' Host - David Jones, Cashier - John Parry, Reception - Patsy Glazebrook & John Holroyd, Projection - Jo Chan read more »
Do bring bring friends and family to this fun quiz. Don't worry if you can't raise a full team, join one on the night and make New Friends! read more »
Visit to Cambridge by RIBI President Peter King. Lunch hosted by Rutherford. read more »
Chloe Ward - 'G.F.Watts- Victorian painter and activist' Host - John Barrett, Cashier - Richard Summerfield, Reception - Francis Hookham & James Taylor, Projection - Anne St Ives read more »
Professor Catherine Barnard - 'Sex and the EU' Host - John Holroyd, Cashier - Paul Henry, Reception - Mona Forsberg & Sally Marsh, Projection - Robert Ransom read more »
District Council meeting at 7:30pm The Park Hotel, 29 Denmark Street, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4LE Pre-booked Dinner served from 6pm
Book with Anthony Nix to join us for 10 pin bowling at 'Strikes', Angel Drove, Ely, starting at 1900hrs, and a bar meal at 2100hrs
Guest evening - 'The Universe of the Third Age' (not University!) with Principal Speaker Don Ezra at The Double Trees Hotel - full details later Host - Colin Greenhalgh, Cashier - Alan Freeman, Reception - Dee Hutley & Robert Burgin
Note change The Guest evening has been moved back a day to 30th March, where you will find details when they are available.

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