Future meetings and events

Thu 25th April 2019 at 19.15 - Business Meeting - North Hants Golf Club

An attempt to beat the Club record by finishing on time?

Thu 2nd May 2019 at 19.15 - Aerobility - Harvey Matthewson, Youth Engagement Manager

Harvey will bring us up to speed with developments on the Aerobility charity front. Particularly regarding Building a Dream, their project building an aeroplane from scratch - one rivet at a time. Per ardua ad astra! Organised by Graham Steven.

Thu 9th May 2019 at 19.30 - "What Iceberg?" - a Titanic Tale - Patrick Myler

Patrick will reveal the true reasons for the 1912 disaster that resulted in the tragic loss of 1500 lives at sea. Dress code: life jackets (optional). Note the later meal time of 8.00 pm.

Thu 16th May 2019 at 18.00 - 9 hole Golf and Supper - Blackwater Valley GC

Polish your balls, pack your niblick and join Chris Tofts for some social clubbing. Followed by a hearty repast and repartee.

Thu 23rd May 2019 at 19.15 - AGM and Business Meeting

Don't miss this ever popular event being held this year in the intimate setting of the Justin Rose Room.

Thu 30th May 2019 at 18.00 - OUT and ABOUT - Programme Selling

Our annual challenge to persuade the local burghers to exchange their pounds, groats and euros for a wonderful HW Festival programme. Supper at a local hostelry to follow. Dress Code: Rotary bib and tucker.