The Rotary Club of Cleethorpes 

We are a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in carrying out the mission of
Rotary International. Through our vision of "Service above Self", we empower others
in our local community, nationally and internationally to make our world a better place to live.


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We are twinned with the Rotary Club Skjern-Tarm, Denmark D1450 and 

with the Rotary Club Viljoenskroon, South Africa D9320.   
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Our own charity “The Rotary Foundation”

The Rotary Foundation has been improving lives since 1917. Learn about our work and be inspired to join us in celebrating our centennial year and meeting humanity’s greatest challenges!


Rotary Club of Cleethorpes programmes with the Imagination Library

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Greetings from our honorary member Dolly Parton

Download information about the Imagination Library below

Imagination Library Leaflet

Benefit Programme Leaflet