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Rotary in Wickford! 

President Jackie Snape says:

So, we are looking forward to the events of the next few weeks; if you haven't spotted it yet, to quote Slade "It's Christmas!!!"

This is a particularly busy time of the year for us as Santa calls on us to help him with his annual visits to the supermarkets and streets of Wickford this year. Check out where we will be by looking at Santa's Calendar

We're very proud of the Christmas tree this year in it's new location in the Willows Centre; drop in and have a quick look.

If you would like to know about all the things we do and what we have done for charity in the last year have a look at our Trustee's Report which outlines what money we've raised and where it's gone.

Finally we hope to see you somewhere around Wickford during the festive season; so have a great Christmas!!

Read about our plans for the year here


Sadly we recently lost John Bolton, one of our longest standing members. He will be sadly missed by Rotarians and friends alike. Read the full obituary


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This Close to ending Polio 

If you would like to know more about Rotary, contact us at:

Website www.wickfordrotary.org.uk

Email info@wickfordrotary.org.uk

Telephone: Lee Baxter 

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