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Rotary in Wickford! 

President Jackie Snape says:

July 3rd saw a little bit if history in the making for The Rotary Club of Wickford I became our first lady President!   I am honoured to be entrusted with this role and to be involved with such a compassionate and positive group of people

Our Rotary club has been established in Wickford for more than 55 years and we have always been supported by the people of the Town for which we are so grateful.   The involvement in projects and support of individuals over the years has been tremendous and far too numerous to really pay proper respect to in a short editorial.  Our picture gallery depicts just some of the projects.

My projects this year are:

  • The Breast Unit at Southend Hospital (Everyone has a relative/neighbour/friend who has had cause to use this unit). This will be  supported by the proceeds from Firework Night this year

  • A financial contribution towards providing a Service Dog for a person with epilepsy.  (How wonderful that a dog can provide a 40 minute alert of an impending fit).

  • Transport for a group of ethnic minority children with special needs to Physiotherapy within Kosovo. (This is a spin off from the bi-annual convoy which delivers equipment for the schools in Kosovo which were stripped bare during the Balkans crisis).

  • Being involved with the Shotgate memorial at the crash site of two WW1 pilots. (We have previously helped with the memorials at Crays Hill and The Memorial Park).

  • Jays Hospice (A Hospice for young adults).

Read my full statement here


Sadly we recently lost John Bolton, one of our longest standing members. He will be sadly missed by Rotarians and friends alike. Read the full obituary


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