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The Rotary Club of Middleton is currently looking for new members interested in supporting and fund-raising for good causes in Middleton.   If you are interested in finding out more about the activities of the Rotary Club of Middleton please contact Janice Powell at

We meet on a Monday evening at 18:45 at the Norton Grange Hotel, Manchester Road, Castleton, OL11 2XZ.

Our Vision

To be a modern-day family Rotary Club, working in the spirit of the ideals & objectives of Rotary, achieving the club objectives of serving those in need in our community and further afield.

A Little About Us



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The Rotary Club of Middleton has been in existence for many years and today it is a lively and successful club. In the Rotary year 2013/14 we celebrated our 80th Birthday

We are part of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland which in turn is part of Rotary International, a world-wide organisation.

Non-Rotarians are often unsure of the activities of Rotarians - as much of the charitable work we carry out in the community and internationally goes unsung. The support we give in our own local community takes in local schools and hospices, scouts, and various local charities and support groups. We are proud that almost 1,000 local primary-school children are involved with our club - providing gifts for children in orphanages in eastern Europe.

On the international front we are involved in the eradication of polio through Rotary International's Polio Plus Project, and are committed to providing clean drinking water to a number of villages in Kenya. Whilst we are renowned for responding swiftly to emergencies such as the Tsunami disaster, our work in fact is carried out 365 days a year.

We are not a secret organisation if you wish to know more about us and our activities, ask us, we will be pleased to talk to you. Just click the "Contact Us" box at the top of the page. 




 Some of our Members and Friends enjoying  the friendly banter at a weekly meeting



The Town of Middleton

Middleton Symphonia from Andy Marshall on Vimeo.

St. Leonard's, Middleton's Parish Church The Samuel Bamford Memorial The Olde Boar's Head


Have you heard the one about the body snatcher who dug up the recently dead to sell to medical students?  Or perhaps you've come across the band of Middleton soldiers who prevented England falling to the Scots?

Old Cankey who stole bodies from the town's cemetry and the Middleton Archers who helped defeat the Scottish uprising in 1513 are just two chapters in our town's deep history which also includes tales of a rowdy bar room ghost, secret tunnels and a natural disaster.

The story began 3,000 years ago around the site of Middleton Parish Church with a Bronze Age settlement and burial fields, or Barrowfields as the area is still known today.

For much of its history, the town was little more than a small farming community of 20 houses, originally ruled by the de Myddleton family.  But 200 years ago, the town began to grow rapidly and became an important centre for hand loom silk weaving during the industrial revolution.  When cotton spinning, weaving and dyeing arrived towards the end of the 19th Century, the population soon reached 30,000.

Over the centuries the town has seen a rich-tapestry of people leaving their mark, including Cardinal Thomas Langley who built the parish church we see today, politcal campaigner Samuel Bamford who helped secure the vote for the common man and Edgar Wood who designed some of the town's most impressive buildings, including Long Street Methodist Church.


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