2015: We're celebrating our Diamond Jubilee!

Sixty years ago in March 1955 a group of local business men got together to form the Rotary Club of Witney, they aimed to use their combined skills and effort improve the local community.
Witney Rotarians today are still motivated by those same ideals, searching out ways to improve facilities in the town in which we live and work. Seeking out and supporting those within the community who would benefit from a little help.
Mike Alexander, Rotary Club President 2014-15

“It's a time to celebrate the club's achievements over the past sixty years with the people of Witney” says club President Mike Alexander “Since it's inception the Rotary Club has acquired a loyal band of followers in the town. It's this support that enables Rotarians to successfully undertake a wide range of projects each year. To mark this special occasion for the Rotary Club we invite you all to join us for a free celebration at Cogges Manor Farm on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May at The Festival of Fleece”

For centuries 'Witney' Blankets were renowned worldwide for their quality, but since the last Blanket Mill closed in 2002 the town is in danger of losing touch with it's heritage, especially so for the younger generation. To mark our Diamond Jubilee the club has published a booklet entitled The Story of Witney Blankets distributed to primary schools in the area with the aim of keeping memories alive.

If you would like to keep up to date with these and other Rotary Club events visit our Latest News  page.

Another source of information is the What we do Locally page which describes a wide range of activities for the community supported by Rotarians.

International Projects are well represented in our portfolio. From Kenya to Belarus, by way of India and Liberia, we are adding our support to help those in need.

Youth Activities: The club offers a range of opportunities that encourage young people to involve themselves in the local community, expanding their own horizons and experience in the process.

With a club membership of 40, Witney Rotary Club continues  to set standards and maintain a reputation which has been built over the past 60 years.

We are based in the West Oxfordshire Cotswolds in the thriving town of Witney. Read More...


Rotary International is a worldwide network of over one million men and women involved in relevant social causes, striving to change and improve the quality of life while having fun and building lasting friendships.

Ask any Rotarian and they will tell you of their desire to 'give something back' to their community. In turn we ask you to consider adding your support to help to improve our community.

 Mike Alexander, President 2014-15

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