Whitley Community

The Community Committee led by Mark Barret and Roger Head have facilitated an extension to the Community Centre


Whitley Community Centre is a very modest building, basically a larger version of a prefab concrete garage, but despite this it is a well used local resource and there is a small but dedicated team that runs it efficiently and keeps it all looking spick and span. The demand from various community groups means that an additional room would also be put to good use. There are longer term plans for a complete new centre but in he near future it is not likely that funds will be available.


As many of you are aware the Club have undertaken, in the past, various construction/community projects where we have organised everything ourselves from fund raising upwards.

The idea behind this project is that we would provide expertise and guidance rather than funds and so help the Centre meet the demand for an extra room. Using the expertise of various club members we helped the development of the scheme and arranged for a Planning  submission which was eventually passed. Our involvement also helped with getting support from Reading Borough Council, both from local ward councillors as well as the officers who are responsible for supporting the Whitley community. Their involvement  helped with obtaining grants from a variety sources which now in total exceed

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