Comvoc Community Projects

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"Bridging Generations"  represents a new direction for hands-on involvement of Club members and students in meeting with elder people who feel isolated. (click on the box box to right hand side for full details)


"Kids on the Water" (International Yachting Federation of Rotarians)

This outing is arranged by the IYFR Sussex Fleet and consists of up to 150 disabled children who are brought by their school buses to marinas and suitable landing stages around Chichester harbour.

The children are aided by some 50 helpers and everyone is placed into boats of all shapes and sizes which have been recruited by IYFR. The boats then make their way to anchorages in East Head in the harbour, the boats are decorated with ribbons for the various schools and lunch is provided.

The Solent helicopter and inshore lifeboat have always managed to appear and give a brilliant display including transfers to the helicopter all at high speed.

Hopefully the children have a memorial date and then taken back to their landing place and back to school. There are many letters of appreciation sent.

The event ends with a dinner with a speaker for the boat owners who have provided transport.


At Christmas Rotary installs the Christmas tree at the Cross in Chichester. With a total of 120 1.5 hour sessions at the Cross as well as at Tesco's, and also mulled grape juice sales at the Cross during late-night shopping, we raise in the region of