International & Foundation

Rotary is a worldwide organisation of autonomous Clubs which are united in an ideal of service within the local, national and international community.

As part of our way of contributing to the international element of service, the Burgess Hill & District Rotary Club is currently undertaking the following activities: -


Support of the Rotary Aquabox project is an ongoing activity. We purchase boxes containing water purifying kits. The boxes are then filled with clothing, home hardware and items of a practical nature before being sent to a central warehouse where they are stored until needed following natural disasters, flood, famine, earthquake etc. They are then available for immediate distribution. The water purifying kits will treat sufficient water for a group of 4 people for about 4 months (watch video...)


We make regular contributions to this Rotary project. ShelterBoxes contain a 10-person tent and ancillary equipment designed to enable a family of up to 10 people to survive for at least six months. These are dispatched immediately to countries where a natural disaster has occurred (this has recently included the cyclone in Burmah and the earthquake in China) and the ShelterBox volunteer teams work directly with local organisations in partnership with other aid agencies and through the international Rotary network. The volunteer teams often oversee the distribution of boxes to individual recipients