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1st January 2016  -  3rd February 2017

Ingatestone Horticultural Society £1200

Rotary Foundation             742

S.N.A.P.(Special Needs)     500

Farleigh Hospice  3000

Saint Francis Hospice  3000

2476 Hutton A.T.C.             275

St John's Ambulance     325

Little Havens Hospice     500

Ingatestone Boys' Own Club Road Race      140

Dictionaries4Life to local schools     336

Royal British Legion              100

Essex Air Ambulance     500

Flood Relief U.K. (R.I.B.I.)     500

Macmillan Cancer Care   2700

Cancer Research     500

1st/2nd Ingatestone Brownies     400

1st Ingatestone Cubs     200

1st Ingatestone Scouts     200

1st Ingatestone Beavers     200

1st Ingatestone Guides     200

Ingatestone Boys' own Club     200

RYLA     100

RIBI Caribbean Hurricane Trust     500

Kimuunie Primary School     200

Sand Dams     500

Citizens Advice Bureau       500

Opportunity International UK     500

Brentwood Community Trust     250


  Total donated  =              £18,268


This committee deals with everything relating to the club and its administration, strategy, morale, policy, recruitment of new members and their retention and so on. It also includes the Membership Sub-Committee to deal with recruitment. It enables members to enjoy fellowship and to contribute to a happy and successful club; and it ensures all members are valued and appreciated and given any support needed to enable them to enjoy Rotary.

The club calendar will be the responsibility of this committee and would be collated with the events organised by the other committees  - probably at monthly Club Council meeting. This committee to meet on a regular basis.



    includes Sub-Committees:-
               Foundation, Community & Vocational, International, Youth Services,
               Jazz, Golf & Christmas Collections

This committee is responsible for ensuring that the Club supports educational, humanitarian, and vocational projects
within the local community and internationally.
Foundation plans and carries out plans to support The Rotary Foundation through financial contributions and Club participation in Foundation programmes.
Also responsible for organising the main fund- raising events, which will involve the whole club. 


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