Visits to other clubs

Any Rotarian can visit any Rotary Club in the World. These are some of the visits made by club members.

Visit to Fresno Rotary Club in October 2012 by Stephen Kimber.



During our holiday in California Mary and Myself stayed in Fresno which is known as the Raisin capital of California. Fresno Rotary club has over 300 members and was founded in 1916. The club meets at 12.00 on Mondays at a church function room around a mile from where we stayed. The first half hour is taken up with the meal. At 12.30 the Rotary business started and two new members were inducted along with appeals for the local food bank scheme and also blood donations. I exchanged banners and good wishes with President Bud.

The talk afterwards was a explanation of the Presidential voting system in the USA and we learnt that it's not about the number of people who vote but the number of Electoral College votes with 270 being the threshold for the winner. Everyone was very friendly and we thank Fresno Rotary for their hospitality.


Visit to Stansted Stort Valley Club January 2008 by Stephen Kimber.

I noticed that the Stansted Stort Valley Club met at a hotel I was staying in for business. So I arranged to meet. They have 23 members and President Bill and members made me very welcome. It covers the Stort Valley Area to the East and North of Stansted Airport. They have just had a successful Santa collection. As a Old Stortfodian we did speak on some of the history of the town over the years. I also gave them a brief talk about Glossop and presented President Bill with one of our flags. A very enjoyable visit and an open invitation to see them anytime I am down in the future.

Visits in New Zealand & Australia by Rtn. Ron Bowden.

In March, Dorothy and I went down under for a holiday in New Zealand, a place Dorothy had wanted to visit for many years but never been able to make it there until now. It was probably that her twin granddaughters, Rozalynd and Rachel had managed to get there before her that drove her on to fulfil her desire to get there.
The girls had spent 11 months in the area on a working / backpacking holiday, we could only manage 3 weeks in N.Z. and a further week in Oz.
Before going it was my intention to try and visit one or two clubs while in the country but, although there are clubs in most of the places we visited, we seemed faited to be there on the day when there was no meeting. Rotorua Has 5 clubs with meetings on each day from Monday to Thursday, we arrived on Thursday evening just a little too late for the meeting.
However, not to be done out of a meeting, Dorothy phoned Prue who was recorded in the I.W. handbook as being the district president. Dorothy told Prue that she had an Inner Wheel Banner that she would like to present so we were invited to a Tea/Coffee morning the following day.
On the Friday Morning a car arrived at our Hotel to take us to Prue