This page outlines the amount donated by the Club over the years

Rotary Club of Newmarket                                                   Finance Section

                                       Rotarian Peter Moore - Treasurer

Over the last ten years over £96,313 has been donated to good causes.  The list below indicates the donations to charities across those years. 2016 major good causes were Chemtherapy Unit Equipment in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  MAGPAS and Rotaries End Polio Now.

Year Donation Year Donation
2016/17 £8,925 2011/12 £10,777
2015/16 £18,587 2010/11 £10,276
2014/15 £10,142 2009/10 £13,654
2013/14 £9,329 2008/9 £6,294
2012/13 £10,854 2007/08 £5,475

The organisation has robust financial rules and the Treasurer presents the Clubs finances to the Club Council and membership monthly and they are audited annually.

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