Seeds of Hope, Africa

Thu 9th August 2012

Deborah Kimathi, Field Director, Vision Africa

Not our President but probably our youngest visitor.  Deborah was accoompanied by her husband, Moses and their daughter who modeled our chain of office.

Deborah reported on the work of the School of Hope which is one of the activities of Vision Africa, a charity created by Deborah's Grandparents in Nairobi, Kenya.  The School of Hope proviedes education , both academic and vcational to disdvantaged girls and young women and facilitates their entry in to gainful occupation.  

This Club provided funding for sewing machines and the pictures and letter show how they helped. Deborah is weraing a dress designed and made by graduates of the school..

There are now schools on Nairobi and three outlying districts.  The latest venture is a school fo boys, focussing on car maintenence and repair.

Here is the text of the letter we received from one of the graduates.

Seed of hope Nairobi 

March 2012

Priscar Ali

My name is Priscar and I am 19 years old.  I completed my Class 8 (Primary School) in the year 2007.  My sister is the one who takes care of me and she could not afford to take me to Secondary School.  I did not have any opportunity to learn or any hope for the future until I came to Seed of Hope.  I studied hard and I graduated from Seed of Hope in November 2011. 

I had stayed at home doing nothing for two years before joining Seed of Hope.  I would spend most of my time assisting the family in fetching water and cooking.  I found out about Seed of Hope through a former student that is Jackline Musyoka.   My experience at Seed of Hope was good in that, I was able to learn many things like dressmaking, craft and business skills.  I also learned how to live with people and also how to talk with customers.  I made friends when I was at Seed of Hope.   My teachers at Seed of Hope were good and taught well. After graduation I started my business together with Ebinet, another student.

Running my own business is a challenge, getting enough customers is hard work.  To overcome this challenge I go out with some fabric to look for customers and also do advertising through the word of mouth.  I have not given up because the business is helping me. I am so glad that Seed of Hope helped me to get the things I needed to start my business.  I don't know how I would manage without my machine and other equipment. 

I feel proud of my business, I keep my shop clean and I have some stock for customers to choose from. I would like to expand the business in future. I thank Seed of Hope so much!