Support for Local Schools

Thu 9th August 2012

Dictionaries for Life and other support

Dictionary for Life

Support for Local Schools

Reading Matins Rotary Club has, for many years, been actively involved in providing additional support to hundreds of local young school children in both primary and secondary schools.

Each year, for two local primary schools, the club provides a dictionary for every child in one school year. These child-friendly Usborne dictionaries are personalised with the name of each child inscribed inside the front cover. The books are received by the children with enormous pleasure, are treasured as their own personal property, and are used frequently during the school day as well as at home. Links with both of these two local schools are also maintained by Rotary volunteers who listen to children reading, and give occasional brief presentations to classes as and when invited.

At secondary school level, Rotarians with practical experience of reading CVs and interviewing prospective employees have been invited to pass on their knowledge to young people nearing school-leaving age in preparation for the real thing. Club members have given job-talks about their daily lives and work-roles and have enjoyed being a part of