Butterfly Garden competition 2012

Results from the 2012 competition

Like so many events this year, because of the bad weather the gardens were effected by the rain.
In March and April there were 15 schools keen to take part in the competition, but as time went by the rains got heavier and one by one, schools dropped out.
By July there were just 9 schools left and all had found it very hard coping with the conditions. Despite the conditions, all had put a great deal of effort into their gardens and even more into the class work in finding out about what flowers the Butterflies like and the life cycle from egg to butterfly. Also the many different colours and sizes from about 2 to 12 inch wing span.
Again they gave the judges a great deal to think about but after much consideration it was agreed that this years winner would be St. Mary's Primary with their jubilee theme and the three tiers of tyres that represented a wedding or anniversary cake.They received the Ronnie Hodgett trophy as winners.
Second place went to the Duke of Norfolk in the first year at their new school building. They receive the Eric Price trophy.
A prize of