Reverend Iain Allan, Zimbabwe, an update

Thu 23rd August 2012

Rev Iain Allan works in education projects in Zimbabwe.

iain has worked in Zimbabwe & Tanzania since 1990 doing Christian missionary work with like minded local organisations & in particular involved with an orphanage in Zimbabwe, his wife Norma also works with him.

The pictures show pupils at school.  Iain explained that typical Primary School education is about $50.00 er year but that 2 out of 3 children may be turned away at start of term because they haven't got the money/ uniform etc.  Secondary education costs $75.00.  With the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar, the US dollar is the de facto currency. 

The last picture shows a house 'on the other side of the hill' where there are supermarkets with every conceivable luxury.

Iain made the point that you can't help everyone in Africa but you have to start somewhere and even a small amount can make a huge difference to a child's life in such poor communities.