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Speaker meeting - Rotary Club of Rotary@Kingsholm, Gloucester

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Speaker meeting

Mon 3rd September 2012

Katie Fryatt our sponsored RYLA candidate reported on the six day course she attended in July

Katie gave an excellent presentation by first introducing herslf and then describing her experience of the RYLA programme

Katie explained tasks such as walking the planks, the star, canoeing and spiders web and how they were designed to improve communication and leadership skills, team bonding and confidence.

The course is about achieving individual goals. Katie showed determination and courage by pushing herself physically to overcome her fear of heights on the climbing wall and Jacob's ladder.

Katie said she had gained more confidence by pushing herself outside her comfort zone. She described the Monmouth Challenge during which they had to find a stranger whose birthday it was and present them with a bunch of flowers, raise money by collection and work and interview a leader. Not easy tasks but ones she enjoyed.

There was even time for discussions on Rotary's four-way test, presentation skills and an introduction of other Rotary youth opportunities.

Not knowing anyone on the first night of the course, Katie admitted to being very nervous and apprehensive as were the other 39 participants. Six days later at the end of the course it was difficult to separate them and get them to go home. Katie certainly demonstrated that she had taken full advantage of all the RYLA Course has to offer. Her presentation and what she had achieved could not have been a better advertisement for RYLA.