The Bob King Legacy

A very generous legacy left by a local Rotarian

The Rotary Club of Bookham and Horsley are pleased to have been able to use a legacy left by  the  long time Horsley Pharmacist and Rotary Club member Bob King, to pay for a large part of the new kitchen at East Horsley Village Hall.

Rotarian Bob King died aged 93 in 1999, and most his estate was largely left in 3 separate legacies. As  a long standing member of his Rotary Club,  one of Bob's legacies was to the Rotary Foundation, which is Rotary's own charitable fund used to assist with mammoth projects such as the eradication of Polio from the world, which incidentally is now nearing completion.

However, the Rotary Club of Bookham and Horsley were keen that a part of the legacy should be used in Bob's memory to be spent on 3 projects, one in each of Horsley, Bookham and Effingham, for the benefit of local people. The Club thought it appropriate that the largest share should be used in Horsley where Bob was the local chemist for so many years.

The Bookham and Effingham projects have already been completed .

In Bookham The Bob King Rotary Apiary was built at The Grange who help people with disabilities achieve their potential and live independent and fulfilling lives.  The bees have produced their first Grange Honey this year.

In Effingham, the Effingham & District Community First Responders scheme were presented with all the medical equipment a First Responder needs. Community First Responders respond to 999 calls made to the Ambulance Service in their local community and, being locally based, will often arrive before the ambulance service who, more often than not, need to travel from further away.

Rotary Club President Trevor Bates said at the opening of the new East Horsley Village Hall Bob King  Kitchen, " The Rotary Club Of Bookham and Horsley are delighted that this, the third of the 3 local projects the Club selected to benefit from the legacy Bob King left to Rotary, has been completed. It is also pleasing that the name of Rotarian Bob King will continue to live on in Horsley."