Christmas Float 2017 - Total Amount Collected

We are very pleased to announce that this year we have raised the magnificent sum of £9,260.70.. This follows our annual tour of the local community with our Christmas Float and collections at Tescos Farnworth and Walkden.

We are very pleased to announce that this year we have raised the magnificent sum of £9,260.70. 
In addition we anticipate this total will be increased by £2,000 following our application to HM Revenue & Customs for Charity Gift Aid. More detail follows.

    Christmas Float Collection December 2017

We are very pleased to announce this year that the magnificent total of £9,136.43 has
been raised by Worsley Rotary Club. In addition we anticipate this total will be
increased by £2,000 following our application to HM Revenue and Customs for Charity
Gift Aid. 
We also received separate donations totalling £124.27 giving a grand total
of £9,260.70

During the course of the coming year we will be distributing the proceeds mainly to
local charity organisations. As in previous years we intend to hold our own version
of “Dragons’ Den” during May 2018 to distribute much of the proceeds. The amount
distributed will follow the payments of grants to the local groups that helped us with
the collection and deduction of Float running costs. Details of this event and how
to apply will be published on our web site and Facebook pages in due course.
In the meantime to express an interest please send an email

The Street tour of the local community with the Float covered Worsley, Walkden, Little
Hulton, Wardley, Ellenbrook, Boothstown, Roe Green, Ringlow Park, Moorside and
Winton raising a total of £7,607.13.

Our collections at Tesco Farnworth and Tesco Walkden raised a further £1.529.30.
We are very grateful 
to the Tesco Management and staff at both stores for their
continuing support.

Our thanks go to all the groups who assisted us with the collection –  Salford Sea
Cadets, Salford Dadz, 
Salford Football Club, Springwood Primary School, Worsley
Road United Reformed Church, Worsley Business Lounge,  1st Boothstown Guides
and Scouts, Kenyon Residents Association, Childflight, Worsley Bridgewater Rotary,
St Marks Church Worsley Men’s Group, the Friends of Worsley Rotary and members’
families and friends.

We also thank Walkden Rotary along with Alan Clare and members of the
Westhoughton Community 
Hub Workshop who provided an additional Christmas Float.
This second Float enabled Walkden 
Rotary to cover three additional local areas -
Whittle Street, Birch Road and Coniston Avenue/Eastham 
Way. The monies collected
by Walkden Rotary in these areas are not included in the figures published 
We anticipate that in due course Walkden Rotary will be announcing the details
of the 

On the whole the weather was reasonably kind to us (with the notable exception of
Kenyon Way!!) 
and all scheduled 17 tours were completed. For technical reasons we
were unable to tour the 
Moorside area as scheduled for the 8th December. Fortunately
we were able to reschedule the tour for 
the 22nd December.

Regrettably via Facebook we received 3 complaints that the Float had not visited roads
as published and as a result families and particularly children were very disappointed.
In each case we responded with an apology. In two cases we did not follow the route
as planned. The other was caused by an error in the route as issued.

In addition to our normal schedule we also took the Float to “St Ambrose Young
(a Salford based charity), to a play group who meet at St Marks Community
Hall, and to St. Vincent’s 
Church, Over Hulton Carol Service. Also at the request of the
Boothstown Residents Association we 
arranged for Father Christmas to attend the
Boothstown Churches Together Candlelight Carol 

Finally a very big thank you to all those who contributed to this year’s collection,
particularly to those families who responded to our knock on the door and lined the
streets in all weathers to welcome the Float as it passed by.

A common remark heard as we tour the streets is “The visit of the Float is the start of
Christmas for us”. This makes it all worthwhile.

Tony Jackson
Worsley Rotary, Community Service Chairman.