Wheelchairs in Mozambique

A joint project involving 4 Rotary Clubs. Canvey Island and Jersey in the UK and Chimio and Beira in Mozambique.

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Rotary working together with the Wheelchair Foundation UK have provided over 100 wheelchairs to the needy in Beira Mozambique.  This is a brilliant example of Rotary Clubs in the developed world  working with those in the third world to better the lives of many people.

The carousel of photos shows many examples of "before and after", with the Wheelchair Foundation's strap line of

"Yesterday I was a maggot crawling on the ground. 

Today I am a butterfly"

being truly appropriate.

In addition, you will see a man and his son who currently make wheelchairs locally.  They are being trained to assemble Wheelchair Foundation wheelchairs so that they can continue the work in the future.

Lastly there are a few background photos some of which show the local communal water supply and various signs depicting other Rotary projects in the area.