East Grinstead Meridian Rotary club on Meridian Radio FM

Sat 7th June 2014 - Mon 30th June 2014

East Grinstead Meridian Rotary club have a a regular 3 hour show on local radio, Meridian on 107FM. The show goes out on air every Saturday from 1-00pm 'till 4.00 pm.

Rotary Club of East Grinstead Meridian has a radio show each Saturday 1-00pm until 4pm. 
The show is presented by four club members, Anthony Beevor, Ginnie Waddingham, Lesley Robinson, Michael Schneirer, Ian King Steven Kirupai.
We are very pleased that it gives us the opportunity for publicising local Rotary events and also helps us to attract new members. 

Follow this link to the Meridian FM Website: http://www.meridianfm.com/

 Follow this link to hear a typical weeks show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXHhvXhI3NY

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