Rotary Dictionaries For Life Literacy Project

Usborne IIIustrated Dictionaries presented to a number of Rugby Primary Schools

Dozens of pupils across town have received a free dictionary from the Rugby Rotary Club.

During the last eight years the Rugby Rotary Club has donated more than 3,500 dictionaries to pupils within the town, as part of the Rotary Dictionary for Life Literacy Project.

The project was started in 1998 by a Rotary club in Tower Hamlets and in the past five years, 500 clubs have donated 400,000 dictionary.

This year 600 (2014) dictionaries were given out to year six pupils in 12 schools in selected areas of Rugby.

The chosen schools were Boughton Leigh, Eastlands, Henry Hinde, Hillmorton, Newbold Riverside, Northlands, Oakfield, Rokeby, St Andrews Benn, St Maries, St Matthews Bloxham and St Oswalds.

Each pupil was given an Usborne Illustrated Dictionary.

Rugby Rotary Club said that next year they plan to start giving them out to year five pupils following feedback from teachers. 

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