Students under Stress

Wed 5th August 2015 at 12.50 - 14.00

Stories of stressful experiences of St Andrews students told by Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell gave a very thought provoking talk on some of the stresses that have affected students coming to St Andrews from different parts of the world.  Many were affected by international conflict.  He gave examples of the experiences of two students jailed by the Regime in Syria. He highlighted how Rwandan students had overcome the stress of the tribal massacres of 1994.  Illustrated stories of experiences of students from Turkmenistan, Ukraine and USA showed how these students have bounced back from stress.  All those he mentioned were grateful of the support they received from members of the Rotary Club of St Andrews while their families were thousands of miles away.

It is sad that the younger generations in the world are influenced by such events as the Syrian Revolution, the Rwandan genocide, the Cold War, local government corruption, the anexation of Crimea by Russia, Afganistan, and the Twin Towers attack.

He finished with a note of thanks from a Syrian girl.  "I want to thank you all for every thing, for your help, your friendship and your care.  Here in St Andrews I felt like I am with my family.  I love you all, I will miss you all and I will never forget each moment togather.  remember me all the time and please pray for my country"

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