The Square Hole Club

A number of Rotarians led by our President Jill and President Jovi from the Interact Club based in the Deepings School attended the Square Hole Club, on 10th June, at the Deepings Sports and Social Club.

The Square Hole Club is run on two Thursdays a month by Dementia Support South Lincs and is for people in South Lincolnshire who have Dementia.It provides activities for the people with Dementia and gives the carers a break.
We were there to present the Club with a new music centre, they have been using an old one and had indicated to us that they desperately needed a replacement.
The Rotary Club and the Interact Club of the Deepings were delighted to be able to supply one.

Kate Marshall who works for the charity expressed her delight with the centre.

She said that the members really enjoy listening and dancing to music and that the music centre would be used every time the club meets.
After the presentation a cream tea was enjoyed by all followed by some dancing.

It was a definite success with everyone.