THE "BAKE-OFF"  2015

A Challenge was made between Deepings Rotary Club, Deepings Inner Wheel Club and Deepings Interact Club,...How often do you get all of those together in one room???... It happens in the Deepings

The CHALLENGE was “Who could make the best Scones”

Rotary fielded 3 Male Members, Inner Wheel fielded 3 Members and Interact worked in Pairs, fielding 2 pairs of Girls and 1 mixed pair.

The Kitchen at The Deeping School was provided and each person had to bake 12 Scones, any type, and present 6 of them for judging, without any butter, jam or cream….. all with a clean and tidy baking station.

Battle commenced………..

Each member brought their own ingredients and proceeded to prepare the scones, without any electrical aids.

Some made plain, later, after judging, to be eaten with jam and cream.

Others made cherry and ginger, orange and chocolate, cinnamon, some just with raisins, whilst Interact added colouring etc to theirs, after being spotted, at one point, with 4 pairs of hands in one bowl mixing.

Members of the Clubs attended and walked around noting techniques, during the preparation, commenting and having an amusing and competitive time.

Rotary was very pleased that Linda May ( Blaby Meridian) with chauffer Roger had accepted their invitation to come and judge the event. Standing with clip board at the ready Linda joined in the fun of the preparation stage.

Then it was time for the entries to go in the oven…. 12...15 minutes, what do you think?  

Judging took place while worried faces looked on, then the winner was announced………..

Rotarian Joe Piercy was hailed King Scone, baking three different varieties, although it was the texture and taste that was under scrutiny. Following closely was Trish Midgley with lovely scones (which I sampled, afterwards, with jam and clotted cream). Interact were also given a prize for their inventiveness.

The Headmaster came round to see how things were going, by then we were into the excellent buffet that the school had prepared for us.

The evening had been a great fun event, with competitive spirit and great fellowship from all the Clubs.

Linda and Roger were thanked sincerely for coming to judge the baking and there was talk of a re-match, next year, as everyone made their ways home………..

Perhaps it will be a Victoria Sponge on the menu……..


The 2016 “Bake Off” Challenge.