Buffet Meal and to meet representatives of some local community organisations.

Thu 23rd March 2017 at 18.30 - 20.30

Cash: Tyrrell Sandry Grace: Nick Saunders. Read below for details of this meeting.

The meeting on Thursday 23rd March will be a different format, with a buffet supper to which we are inviting representatives of a number of community organisations, providing an opportunity for us all to learn more about each other.

From Rotary’s perspective this will help us to understand more of what is happening in the local community and thus see how we might become more effective in the help and support we give, in pursuit of the Object of Rotary, to encourage and foster the ideal of service.

We hope that in turn the organisations attending will understand more about Rotary and the work we do, and also where they can help each other directly, without Rotary’s involvement.

We have not tried anything quite like this before, so we can’t say how it will turn out, but we hope it will be an enjoyable evening, and useful for us all. We also know that we are not able to invite every organisation this time – Wadebridge just has too many – but if it is a success, we hope to repeat the event in future with other organisations.

The meeting will be at the usual time, 6 for 6.30 pm.

Kevin Smith