FAQ - Frequently Asked Qustions

Everything you wanted to know about Rotary


Here are some questions we have been asked about Rotary and brief answers.

Anyone - there are no conditions.See the FAQs on Cost and Commitment.
Of these Commitment places the biggest obstacle for most people.
Most Rotarians have made their way in a Profession, Business or Organisation and want to give something back.
Everyone is busy and making time for Rotary has to be deliberate decision.
The Motto of Rotary is "Service Before Self" so sometimes you have to say No to another demand.

There are two answers.
If you join then do nothing then the answer is not much.
The subscription is currently £95 for full members and £20.00 for Associates
If you attend every meeting you will pay for lunch or dinner (currently this is £12.00), but you would be eating anyway wouldn't you?
There are two or three occasions where we have a 'grand' dinner (partners are welcome and usually enjoy dressing up) - these are more expensive but good value.
So there is really an answer to suit everyone - it depends on your level of involvement.

The Club has a meeting every week and when Rotary was founded had strict Attendance Rules.
These have been relaxed but attendance at the weekly meetings is still the yardstick of commitment.
There is a wide range of commitment by existing members.
No member achieves 100% attendance - 60% is a realistic target.
If you can't attend lunch meetings perhaps you can try harder for the evenings or vice versa.
There is no compulsion to attend meetings. You should be aware though that the meetings are where things are planned and initiated.
Face to face communication opens doors that email doesn't
There are members who can't attend for business reasons but are respected for their involvement in projects within the Club
The Motto of Rotary is "Service Before Self" so occasionally you should be ready to decline another invitation so as to enjoy Rotary

A project is when a group of Rotarians get together to run an event usually to raise money or to provide a service to the community. (but sometimes just to have fun)
Example include a Gala Dinner Dance, a Quiz for Primary Schools, Santa's sleight - collecting cash for Christmas
Some projects are perennials and some are tied in as qualifiers for national events.
If you have a cunning plan you can propose it and probaby end up organising it

Inevitably it is usual for Rotarians recruit new members from their friends and colleagues but also we are happy to be approached by someone who wants to know more and we have procedures to welcome new members.
You can join as a full member or as an Associate.
Associate membership is a temporary status which give you complete access to the Club for one year so you can see if you like what you find.If you know a member, just speak to them or contact the Secretary (see Contact Us on the Home page).
You can attend a few meetings as a guest.
The Rotary Year starts on 1st July so during May and June is good time to dip a toe in the water

First you must be a member with your details recorded in the membership database
For detailed instructions look in What We Do for 'How to Login'