Corporate Membership

RCNA is 'Open for Business'

Information on joining Rotary Club of Newton Abbot as a Corporate Partner can be obtained by contacting Past President Martin Smith.

The Rotary Club of Newton Abbot currently have 8 Corporate Member Businesses

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 SHERWOODS - Building Services Engineers.

Pictured: Corporate Member Kevin Wiltshire , Primary Member Kevin Sherwood and Corporate Member Jamie Bonner

Charles Royale - Financial Services

Pictured with Martin Smith: Corporate Member John Mills and Primary Member Nick Richards

 Brite Services - Recruitment

Pictured with Martin Smith: Primary Member Mark Wilcox and Corporate Members Andrea Wilcox and Ben Sellick-Tague

 Hugh, Mills & Gaye - Funeral Services

Contact Darren Lapthorn, Alan Baker-Bright, Andrew Nolan

Jelf Group - Insurance 

Pictured: Contact Lisa Perkins

 Kitsons - Solicitors

Contact Nick James

 Wollen Michelmore - Solicitors

Pictured: Primary Corporate Memeber Clive Meredith inducting Corporate Associate Member Robert Newton

 Dame Hannah Rogers @ Seale Hayne

Pictured: Hayley Dann, Claire Landricombe and Primary Corporate Member Jane York

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